The Gannet Q&A

We ask people a series of questions (some regular, some off-the-cuff) about their various food experiences

The Gannet Q&A: Gert-Jan Hageman – The owner of Amsterdam's De Kas on a most memorable meal, his ideal breakfast, and why he decided to quit the kitchen to take up full-time gardening

The Gannet Q&A: James Ramsden – The food writer & restaurant owner remembers a great meal in Copenhagen, salutes the two people who inspired him to write about food, and explains his wine-buying priorities

The Gannet Q&A: Sam Sifton – The New York Times food editor on memorable meals, kitchen soundtracks and being a terrible cookbook flirt

The Gannet Q&A: Darina Allen – The Irish food writer & teacher on an extraordinary restaurant in Mexico, her biggest food extravagance and the worst thing she's ever eaten

The Gannet Q&A: Ruby Tandoh – The baker & food writer on her filmmaking food hero, a life-affirming ice cream, and the cookbook she's engaged with more than any other

The Gannet Q&A: Sheila Dillon – The BBC Food Programme host on food heroes, the hidden value of organic food and her seven most-used cookbooks

The Gannet Q&A: Yemisi Aribisala – The Nigerian food writer on an unforgettable slice of New York pizza, roasting her own coffee for breakfast, and her biggest food hero

The Gannet Q&A: Adrian Miller – The award-winning soul food scholar on a recipe that reminds him of his mother, a legendary New Orleans restaurant and his most treasured kitchen object

The Gannet Q&A: Diana Henry – The food writer recalls her favourite ever breakfast, sets out her vision for the perfect restaurant and queries people who say they love offal

The Gannet Q&A: Ed Smith – The food writer on his most dog-eared cookbook, an unforgettable meal he ate on 2 April 2011, and the things that annoy him most about restaurants

The Gannet Q&A: Thom Eagle – The Darsham Nurseries chef and food writer on an unforgettable meal in Venice, his greatest talent in the kitchen and why perfection in cooking is overrated

The Gannet Q&A: Helen Graves – The London food blogger on an unforgettable meal in Ethiopia, her ideal breakfast (which involves Netflix and a truckload of smoked salmon) and the ingredient that obsesses her most

The Gannet Q&A: Bee Wilson – The food writer and journalist on a joyous meal in Rome, her favourite music to cook to and the restaurant she'd like to eat in every day

The Gannet Q&A: Simran Sethi – The food author on an emotional meal with her father, her most food-splattered cookbook and an unusually delicious coffee drink

The Gannet Q&A: Caroline Hennessy – The Irish food & drink writer on tasting sea urchin for the first time, the benefits of marrying a brewer and her favourite local restaurant

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