Alistan Munroe’s Dublin Address Book

2nd April 2015

Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Yousef Eldin

The designer and marinade-maker on a great seafood restaurant, his favourite Dublin pub and a good place to buy unusual cuts of meat



1 Fade St, Dublin 2; +353 1 675 3708,
“This would be one of my favourite restaurants in Dublin. On a good day, the steak is hard to beat.” – Alistan

Coppinger Row

1 William Street South, Dublin 2; +353 1 672 9884,
“This is a good place, because of its consistency. Go for the seafood – I like the crab claws and they do really good prawns.”

The Butcher Grill

92 Main Street, Ranelagh, Dublin 6; +353 1 498 1805,
Steak restaurant from the people who run 777 (Dublin’s best Mexican restaurant) and Dillinger’s. “I’ve only been there once but it was a really good experience.”


36 Parkgate Street, Dublin 8; +353 51 376 536
“In terms of a straight-up pub, this’d be my local. I’d walk across the river to drink here and watch the football. It’s good, plus the guys who run it are cool.”


Mediterranean Food Market

60 Thomas Street, Dublin 8
“I come here to buy halal meat – you get a better quality mince from halal, in my opinion. They also have good herbs and spices and a lot of West Indian ingredients.” – Alistan

C & N Meats (pictured above)

8 Meath Street, Dublin 8; +353 1 453 9987
“These guys have things you can’t buy anymore, like pig’s trotters, tongue and offal. You get a big bag of trotters – 100 for a tenner. I think they’re the nicest part of the pig: boil them in a big pan with apples, sugar and loads of herbs and spices.”

Jack Roche

26 Meath Street, Dublin 8
Greengrocer run by local character Jack Roche – “the unofficial mayor” of Meath Street, according to the Irish Times – who’s been selling fruit and veg here for decades.

O’Neill’s Fish & Poultry

34 Meath Street, Dublin 8; +353 1 453 5265
“I get most of my seafood here.”

Asian Food Co

54-55 Mary Street, Dublin 1;
“This is a great shop for Asian products. I shop here when I can.”

Posted 2nd April 2015

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Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Yousef Eldin

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