Johan Widing’s Skåne Address Book

10th March 2016

Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Noemie Reijnen

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The Swedish farmer and restaurant supplier on an excellent (and cheap) lunch place in Malmö, a really nice market up the coast and a brilliant little food shop



Mäster Johansgatan 11, 211 21 Malmö;
Johan works closely with chef Andreas Dahlberg of Bastard in Malmö, supplying him with vegetables, chicken and other produce, so naturally he recommends the restaurant. We ate at Bastard the evening after we visited Johan and had a really good meal – dishes included breaded lamb’s tongues and burrata with white peach. It’s a hugely popular restaurant: half of Malmö seemed to be packed into the big outdoor terrace the night we ate there.

Daniel Berlin

Diligensvägen 21, 273 92 Skåne Tranås;
Johan also supplies restaurant Daniel Berlin (see our interview) and has good things to say about the restaurant. (We had lunch there the day before and it was our best meal of 2015.) Johan praises one dish in particular: “Daniel has one dish that’s just baked celeriac, then he does a broth with cream and a strong Swedish cheese. He takes a humble ingredient and makes something really amazing with it.” (pictured above)

Kv. Åkern

Nobelvägen 73b, 214 33 Malmö;
“The name means ‘[city] block field’. It’s super-nice, really exciting, and a little bit off-centre.” We tell Johan that we’ve already eaten at this Malmö restaurant on Daniel Berlin’s recommendation and loved it. “You’ve already been there! Nice that Daniel says the same. Ivan [Jurman, the owner] is super-nice, he worked at Bastard before and his wife was a trainee with us in the spring.”


Grimsbygatan 24, 211 20 Malmö;
“This is the best lunch in town probably. It’s a canteen out in the harbour that only serves lunch. It’s fantastic. You can get a proper meal with bread for 85 SEK (around £7).” – Johan

Bord 13

Engelbrektsgatan 13, 211 33 Malmö;
Highly regarded restaurant in Malmö run by chefs Robert Jacobsson (formerly of Noma) and Besnik Gashi. Johan mentions enjoying a dish of raw mackerel with clam juice and fennel.


Höganäs Saluhall

Bruksgatan 36, 263 39 Höganäs;
“This is a really nice food market up along the coast in Höganäs.” (It’s also recommended by Anne & Charles at Koppi.)

Green Matmarknad

Västra Varvsgatan 42, 211 15 Malmö;
“A big organic grocery store – a bit like Whole Foods – just by the Turning Torso in Malmö. It’s really nice, they’ve got good stuff.”

Ola and Ko

Östra Rönneholmsvägen 6, 211 47 Malmö;
“This is a very nice little specialty store in Malmö. Over Christmas they did something celebrating grey ham, which is how ham looks if you don’t use nitrates – it’s grey not pink. So celebrate the grey ham.” He looks it up on his phone and translates the blurb on the website: “‘100% natural products. A lot from Skane, a little from other parts of Sweden, a pinch of south European delicacies.’”

Posted 10th March 2016

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Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Noemie Reijnen

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