Melissa Martin’s New Orleans Address Book

9th July 2015

Interview: Adam Park
Photographs: Martin Vargas

The chef behind Mosquito Supper Club on a laid-back restaurant with outdoor eating, a great spot for burgers and cocktails and a newly renovated food market



600 Poland Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117; +1
“This place is amazing. The food is so laid back, with simple dishes like grilled sardines – it’s like eating in Spain. It’s got such a fantastic atmosphere and there’s a huge outside yard where everybody eats.” – Melissa


514 City Park Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119; +1
“This place does a sort of local take on South Asian cuisine. They do this really fabulous goat neck curry with homemade roti, but they also have the best fried oysters you’ll ever have in your life. They are really fucking good, I cannot even believe it. I don’t know what the chef [Michael Gulotta] is doing with those oysters but they are unbelievable.”

Old Arabi Eats

7005 St Claude Ave, Arabi, LA 70032; +1
“It’s just a little spot run by a couple who came from Brooklyn but there is simply nowhere that feels better in the city. When you sit in it you are like, Oh wow! If I ever open a restaurant, this is how I’d want it to feel. It’s so laid back. They do a great burger and really well-chosen wines and cocktails.”


625 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130; +1
A casual restaurant in the French Quarter serving simple, thoughtful food. “Sylvain is really great,” says Melissa. “It’s owned by the person who owns the Meauxbar, but Sylvain is more laidback.”


St Roche Market

2381 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117; +1
Built in 1875, St Roch recently reopened in 2015 after it was nearly destroyed by Katrina. This is where Melissa has her oyster bar, The Curious Oyster Company. Of the other vendors she particularly recommends Shank Charcuterie run by the butcher Kristopher Doll. “He’s a great butcher. I bought salt pork from him just the other day to make my grandmother’s soup. I’m going to buy meat exclusively from him now.” – Melissa

Melissa Martin, cofounder of Mosquito Supper Club and Curious Oyster Company

Crescent City farmers’ market

Locations throughout the city; +1 504-861-4488, (Opens Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat)
“I always recommend this farmers’ market for things like fresh shrimp, fish or crabs. The vendors have great product there. I go every Saturday and pick up things like cheese, butter, milk and ricotta too.”

Bellegarde Bakery

3609 Toledano St, New Orleans, LA 70125; +1
Melissa highly recommends this commercial bakery, run by Graison Gill, which sells a variety of breads wholesale to shops such as Rouses, Whole Foods and Faubourg Wines.

Posted 9th July 2015

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Interview: Adam Park
Photographs: Martin Vargas

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