Niklas Ekstedt’s Stockholm Address Book

17th September 2015

Words: Killian Fox

The Swedish chef recommends a globetrotting food market, an old-school kebab joint and Nordic fine dining at its best


La Gazelle

Hötorgshallen 40-42, 111 57 Stockholm; +46 8 21 24 55,
“I love kebabs and a lot of these new hipster kebab places aren’t that good. This is a very simple place in Hötorgshallen market run by two Turkish guys who’ve been doing it for a while – they make like 2000 kebabs a day, so they know what they’re doing.” – Niklas


Artillerigatan 14, 114 51 Stockholm; +46 8 662 30 60,
“Nordic fine-dining at its best.”

Operabaren (pictured above)

Operahuset, Karl XII:s torg, 111 86 Stockholm; +46 8 676 58 00,
“This is a bar in the opera house that serves traditional Swedish food – old grandma recipes. It’s the only place where you can really get that old authentic Swedish traditional food that hasn’t changed.”


113 55, Roslagsgatan 6, 113 55 Stockholm; +46 8 509 022 24,
A buzzy little restaurant serving excellent small plates and pizzas and interesting low-intervention wines. “Babette is the hotspot in Stockholm right now.”


Vendevägen 14, 182 69 Djursholm; +46 8 755 02 00,
“This is our local restaurant. It has a tacky name but it’s a really nice place and the people there are really friendly – the owner is a Polish woman and the chef is Swedish. They have a plat du jour for 120 krona, which is about £10.”



Hötorgshallen, 111 57 Stockholm; +46 8 23 00 01,
“A great market in the centre of Stockholm with food from all over the world. This is where I go for hard-to-get ingredients.” – Niklas


Vendevägen 14, 182 69 Djursholm; +46 8 519 791 05,
“This is our local bakery – we get our bread here.”

Roadside strawberry sellers

Niklas stops the car at a strawberry table by the side of the road to buy a couple of punnets for 15 krona each. They are amazingly good. If you’re in Sweden in June, look out for the roadside strawberry sellers.

Posted 17th September 2015

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Words: Killian Fox

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