Our interviewees recommend their favourite restaurants, cafés, bars, food shops and markets in the local area

Gustav Knutsson’s Gothenburg Address Book
The Michelin-starred chef recommends a coffee shop that’s a restaurant by night, an excellent cocktail bar and his favourite food market in Gothenburg

Peter Gordon’s London Address Book – The New Zealand chef on a great restaurant in an east London butchers shop, his local Turkish grocery and a booze store specialising in natural wine

Lillie O’Brien’s London Address Book – The jam-maker on a local okonomiyaki joint, a restaurant in a former school that only serves lunch and a beautiful old-style grocery shop

Jeremy Lee’s London Address Book – The Quo Vadis chef recommends a restaurant “at the pinnacle of everything”, as well as a heavenly dessert shop and a great Italian deli in Soho

Johan Widing’s Skåne Address Book – The Swedish farmer and restaurant supplier on an excellent (and cheap) lunch place in Malmö, a really nice market up the coast and a brilliant little food shop

Georgina Yescas’ Mexico City Address Book
The cheese specialist on the best markets in Mexico City, her favourite place to eat seafood and a taqueria she used to visit with her grandmother

Albert France Lanord’s Stockholm Address Book – The French architect picks his favourite local restaurant, a great international food market and a bakery that beats the bread in Paris

Matthew Young’s London Address Book – The chef recommends two restaurants with an “all-guns-blazing, blood-and-guts attitude to food” and a local shop that rips him off in a nice way

Marisa Fjarem’s Stockholm Address Book – The Swedish artist/designer recommends a meat-lover’s paradise, a classic Stockholm food hall and a restaurant where the food is so good it makes her cry

Richard Bertinet West Country Address Book – The legendary baker picks a local sushi restaurant, a wonderful country house hotel and his favourite local butchers and greengrocers

Daniel Berlin’s Skåne Address Book
The Swedish chef on a crazy Malmö restaurant, an unexpectedly great local chocolate factory and farm shops where you fix your own price

Neal Bodenheimer’s New Orleans Address Book – The cocktail supremo on a wood-fired fish restaurant, an exceptional burger joint and one of the country’s best cheese shops

Anne Lunell & Charles Nystrand’s Address Book – The Swedish coffee roasters recommend a gutsy restaurant in Copenhagen, a brilliant canteen in Malmö and their favourite natural wine importer

Niklas Ekstedt’s Stockholm Address Book – The Swedish chef recommends a globetrotting food market, an old-school kebab joint and Nordic fine dining at its best

Maud Zilnyk’s Paris Address Book – The co-owner of Epicerie Generale on her four favourite Paris restaurants, a great organic market and her dream tea shop

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