Zoe Adjonyoh’s London Address Book

24th April 2017

Interview: Rebecca May Johnson
Photographs: Dan Dennison

The founder of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen recommends a “chaotic and homely” Georgian restaurant, an unpretentious tapas bar and her favourite Ghanaian market store


Little Georgia

14 Barnsbury Rd, London N1 0HB;
Popular Georgian restaurant in east London. “I love Little Georgia because it feels a bit chaotic and homely, like your grandmother’s kitchen or something. I like to eat goulash stew, loads of stews with potatoes – it’s all good.” – Zoe


195 Hackney Rd, London E2 8JL;
The second Morito tapas restaurant from Moro owners Sam & Sam Clark. “I like that fresh, clean feel. It might be a little bit over-raved about because it’s really simple… Maybe that’s why people love it so much. It’s not pretentious, it’s simple food done well.” – Zoe

Andrew Edmunds

46 Lexington St, London W1F 0LP;
“As a special treat, I like Andrew Edmunds in Soho. I feel like I’ve arrived when I eat there. I don’t think the food’s that amazing, it’s the ambience and the staff are so good.” – Zoe


The Vintage Grocery Store

Ridley Road Market, London E8 2NP
“As the supper club got more popular, I had to start looking at ways to enhance the menu and that’s when I started going more frequently to Ridley Road and talking to the grocery women there. With Kingsland Road behind you, if you walk just over halfway down, it’s generally the case that on the left you’ve got the Nigerians and on the right you’ve got the Ghanaians, and I stick with the Ghanaians mainly. My favourite one is called The Vintage Grocery Store, selling African and Ghanaian groceries. I became quite a regular there.” – Zoe

Wildes Cheese

Queen St, London N17 8JA;
Zoe gets her cheese for the restaurant from this excellent dairy in Tottenham.

Posted 24th April 2017

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Interview: Rebecca May Johnson
Photographs: Dan Dennison

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