The dishes from our interviews explained step-by-step – and other recipes from The Gannet

Uyen Luu’s Trotter Gear Pizza
Muscovado Meringues with Burnt Honey & Thyme Ice Cream
Ruby Chard, Potato & Chorizo Frittata
Blackened Miso Pork Belly With Mooli Radish Salad & Mixed Leaves
White Asparagus & Pear Salad with Smoked Char
Frozen Bergamot Parfait, Orange Jelly, Liquorice Cream
Fergus Henderson’s Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Barbecued Quail with Lentils and Tomato Salad
Apricot Jam Cake
Apricot and Almond Jam
Bacon & Butter Bean Chowder
Steamed Chopped Pork with Salted Fish
Green Pak Choy with Dried Shrimps
Stir-Fried Potato Slivers with Spring Onion
Venison Bánh Mì with Sour Cream & Horseradish Sauce
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