Tagliatelle with Prawns and Jerk Seasoning – A classic pasta dish with a delicious Jamaican twist by Dublin-based designer and jerk marinade producer Alistan Munroe

Katie Sanderson’s Dublin Address Book – The nomadic chef tells us where she gets her Asian food-buying fix in Dublin and recommends a Saturday market and a good restaurant for a treat

Katie Sanderson – The nomadic chef shows us around her temporary home at one of Dublin's best cafés, describes her movable Irish feasts and makes us seriously consider converting to raw food

Coconut Sauce with Blood Orange – A dairy-free dessert that's as satisfying as ice cream, by Irish chef Katie Sanderson

Rice Balls with Stewed Nori – A hugely satisfying Japanese snack that's fun to make, by chef Katie Sanderson

Inside Katie Sanderson’s Kitchen – The nomadic chef on black garlic, beautiful chef’s knives handmade in West Cork and a book of very simple Japanese home cooking

Sweet Potato with Beetroot and Crème Fraiche – This easy, delicious dish is chef Katie Sanderson's comfort food after a long day at work

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