Margot & Fergus Henderson – The owners of Rochelle Canteen and St John barbecue quail for lunch in their garden, discuss the downsides of coriander and recall the first dishes they made for each other

Fergus Henderson’s Toasted Cheese Sandwich – “We love cheese on toast. Fergus has expressed himself in many ways with cheese on toast. We’re down to only two toasted sandwich makers now but we’ve been given a

Barbecued Quail with Lentils and Tomato Salad – “Fergus made the marinade, I’m doing the barbecuing. We cook quail a lot in this house – they’re nice and easy and the kids love them. If you don’t have

Inside Margot & Fergus Henderson’s Kitchen – The owners of Rochelle Canteen and St John pick out a book by Fergus’s favourite cookery writer, some beautiful Japanese napkins and an ingredient to win people over with

Margot & Fergus Henderson’s South London Address Book – The owners of Rochelle Canteen and St John recommend their favourite local pub, a spectacular restaurant in an antiques shop and Fergus's regular haunt for bacon sandwiches

Apricot Jam Cake – “This is like a bakewell tart without the crusty bottom. You can use almost any seasonal, soft-set jam with the fresh fruit to match: raspberry jam with whole fresh raspberries;

Kylee Newton – The founder of Newton & Pott makes a heavenly cake with one of her jams, talks about the challenges of starting a food business and recalls the meal that wooed her husband

Apricot and Almond Jam – “Summer is an exciting season for a preserver as all the fruits come to light and it’s time for making jam.” – Kylee Newton, Preserver, London Makes 2 or 3

Kylee Newton’s London Address Book – The founder of Newton and Pott on a great restaurant for birthday treats, a Turkish shop that’s got everything and a very helpful fishmongers

Inside Kylee Newton’s Kitchen – The founder of Newton and Pott on the best Italian mayo, her favourite Japanese knives and a cookery bible from her native New Zealand

Fuchsia Dunlop – The expert on Chinese food prepares a feast from her latest cookbook, shows us her prized kitchen objects (including a watchful food god) and reveals an unexpected food aversion

Steamed Chopped Pork with Salted Fish – “I’m doing a really simple supper dish. This recipe uses a quite strong tasting, slightly pungent salted fish called xiang, though you can make it with Vietnamese salted mackerel. The

Green Pak Choy with Dried Shrimps – “One thing I love about Chinese food is the vegetables. You really don’t have a Chinese meal without some kind of healthy, fresh green. This I’m going to cook with

Stir-Fried Potato Slivers with Spring Onion – “A Shaoxing rickshaw driver once told me he had subsisted mainly on potatoes during his rural childhood because his family was so extremely poor. “Tian a! (Heavens!)” he said when

Fuchsia Dunlop’s London Address Book – The expert on Chinese food on a home-from-home Turkish canteen, her favourite Chinese restaurant in London and a chaotic gem of a street market

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