Inside Albert France Lanord’s Kitchen – The Stockholm-based architect on his favourite wine region, a rare Provençale carafe and a cookbook that connects him with his French identity

Albert France Lanord’s Stockholm Address Book – The French architect picks his favourite local restaurant, a great international food market and a bakery that beats the bread in Paris

Albert France Lanord – The Paris-born architect, who cooks only French food at home, prepares rabbit and tarte au citron at his beautiful Stockholm apartment and discusses the art of designing restaurants

Rabbit Thighs With Carrots and Cumin – A classic French dish, made by Parisian architect Albert France Lanord at his home in Stockholm

Lemon Tart – An outrageously lemony dessert, cooked by Parisian architect Albert France Lanord at his apartment in Stockholm

Marisa Fjärem – The artist and designer makes us an extravagant midsummer feast and talks about bad childhood meals, her giant food sculptures and why she prefers cooking at home

Inside Marisa Fjarem’s Kitchen – The Stockholm-based artist and designer shows us her collection of ceramics, recommends an excellent local beer and points out her new favourite cookbook

Marisa Fjarem’s Stockholm Address Book – The Swedish artist/designer recommends a meat-lover’s paradise, a classic Stockholm food hall and a restaurant where the food is so good it makes her cry

Salmon Tart – The rich and creamy heart of a Swedish midsummer feast, made for us in Stockholm by the artist and designer Marisa Fjärem

Niklas Ekstedt – The acclaimed Swedish chef – famous for cooking with wood fire – puts a turbot on the barbeque for lunch, recalls a bizarre stage at elBulli and takes us snowboarding in his back garden

Wood-Grilled Turbot and Potato Salad – An extravagant, delicious – and yet very simple – fish lunch cooked by Swedish fire chef Niklas Ekstedt

Niklas Ekstedt’s Stockholm Address Book – The Swedish chef recommends a globetrotting food market, an old-school kebab joint and Nordic fine dining at its best

Inside Niklas Ekstedt’s Kitchen – The Stockholm-based chef on his knife collection, the tools you’ll need for cooking with fire and an ingredient you’ll find in every Swedish household

What’s cooking: Stockholm – We visit two much-loved food markets in the Swedish capital to see what locals are buying, from Pakistani mangoes to beef for a summer barbeque

Erika Lindström – The award-winning sommelier takes us on a gastronomic odyssey around Stockholm. She cooks three beautifully simple lunch dishes and makes a compelling case for natural wines

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