A Culinary Culture Clash In Stockholm – For the inaugural Cooks Connect dinner, 13 top chefs come together in Stockholm to collaborate on an extraordinary menu – and work out their differences over wine and pizza

Inside Gustav Knutsson’s Kitchen – The head chef at Bhoga picks out a local fish roe, a beautiful Chinese teapot and a cookbook that breaks down how each dish was created

Gustav Knutsson’s Gothenburg Address Book – The Michelin-starred chef recommends a coffee shop that’s a restaurant by night, an excellent cocktail bar and his favourite food market in Gothenburg

Gustav Knutsson – The head chef of Gothenburg’s Bhoga makes us lunch with fresh vegetables from the market, describes an inspiring meal in Copenhagen and recalls the weirdest things he ate in China

Cabbage, Eggs, Peas and Gruyère – “I love cooking with vegetables – we focus a lot on them at the restaurant – and this is a really nice, light dish for a summer lunch.” – Gustav

Johan Widing’s Skåne Address Book – The Swedish farmer and restaurant supplier on an excellent (and cheap) lunch place in Malmö, a really nice market up the coast and a brilliant little food shop

Johan Widing – This organic farmer supplies some of the best restaurants in the south of Sweden. He roasts us a white leghorn chicken for lunch and takes us on a tour of his amazingly diverse gardens

Strawberry Ice Cream with Honey – This recipe is adapted from Ice Cream by Mable and Gar Hoffman. Johan’s mother-in-law churns it an old-fashioned machine packed with crushed ice and salt (which reduces the temperature of

Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables – “When chicken is cooked on a low heat, the skin doesn’t go crispy, but on the other hand the meat is fantastic – even turkey cooked like this becomes moist,

Pickled Herring with Boiled Potatoes & Soured Cream – “A simple, classic Swedish appetiser. It’s very quick to put together and it’s particularly good on warm, dehydrated days, because of the salty-sweet herring.” – Johan Widing, farmer, Skåne, Sweden

Inside Albert France Lanord’s Kitchen – The Stockholm-based architect on his favourite wine region, a rare Provençale carafe and a cookbook that connects him with his French identity

Albert France Lanord’s Stockholm Address Book – The French architect picks his favourite local restaurant, a great international food market and a bakery that beats the bread in Paris

Albert France Lanord – The Paris-born architect, who cooks only French food at home, prepares rabbit and tarte au citron at his beautiful Stockholm apartment and discusses the art of designing restaurants

Rabbit Thighs With Carrots and Cumin – A classic French dish, made by Parisian architect Albert France Lanord at his home in Stockholm

Lemon Tart – An outrageously lemony dessert, cooked by Parisian architect Albert France Lanord at his apartment in Stockholm

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