Inside Marisa Fjarem’s Kitchen

21st January 2016

Words: Adam Park
Photos: Dan Dennison

The Stockholm-based artist and designer shows us her collection of ceramics, recommends an excellent local beer and points out her new favourite cookbook


Arabia ceramics »
Marisa has a beautiful collection of Scandinavian ceramics, including pieces from this Finnish brand established in 1873. “I love ceramics, Finnish in particular, but I’ve got some from Sweden, Norway, England, German, Russian… Unfortunately I’ve lost some of my favourite pieces because of clumsy boyfriends.”

Marimekko »
Another well-known Finnish design brand, known for their distinctive floral print in the 1960s.

Burleigh »
One of the UK’s flagship pottery manufacturers, operating in Stoke-on-Trent since 1853. Marisa’s particular favourite is the blue Calico print. “It’s my dream to design my own series one day,” she says.



Grey Poupon dijon mustard »
“I can’t not have this. I need it with everything.”

Omnipollo beer »
“This is really good beer brewed in Stockholm, it’s won loads of awards. I didn’t like beer at all until I tried this – now I drink loads. They have an 11% abv. stout called Hypnopompa which I love.”



Om jag var din hemmagru (If I was your Housewife), Lotta Lundgren »
“I use this a lot because all the recipes really make sense and taste good. I recognise my own sensibilities here – I don’t have to add anything to her recipes.” – Marisa

Persiana, Sabrina Ghayour »
Bestselling book that puts an accessible spin on Persian cuisine (see our interview with Sabrina here). “This is my new favourite book. The recipes are inspiring.”

Matkultur: världens kök, Kristina Sjöö, Björn Sjöö »
This eye-catching cookbook was written by the owners of a now-defunct restaurant in Stockholm cooking international cuisine.



Posted 21st January 2016

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Words: Adam Park
Photos: Dan Dennison

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