Inside Eduard & Stephanie’s Kitchen

3rd June 2016

Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Yousef Eldin & Dan Dennison

The winemakers at Gut Oggau pick out a famous local sausage, a favourite French wine and the cookbook from Stephanie’s parents’ restaurant


“This is very famous type of sausage here. Normally it’s horsemeat with cheese and normally it’s not good, but we have one that’s amazing. We have a guy in Lower Austria, he’s 80, making it only for us. We try to source the best stuff from all over, not just from this area.” – Stephanie

“This is another snack we have here: the skin of the pork, sliced and roasted with garlic on top. It’s amazing, but not the most social dish.” – Eduard

Wine from Philippe Bornard »
A brilliant winemaker from the Jura, his was one of many interesting bottles we spotted in Gut Oggau’s shop. “At a certain point we started to bring in wines we like from France and elsewhere to sell in our shop. People can drink them here or take them away. We also sell music – our good friend runs the label City Slang and we stock some of his records.” – Eduard


Eselböck, Walter und Eveline Eselböck »
“This is my parents’ book from their restaurant,” says Stephanie, leafing through a beautifully produced cookbook with a blue cover. “It’s mainly photographs, with some recipes at the back. This is olive and fish from the lake. This is pigeon. This is an eaten goose liver. They didn’t want to do a typical cookbook, my father said there are thousands of cookbooks so why do another just the same?”

The Complete Nose To Tail, Fergus Henderson »
“This is the kind of food I love to cook, it’s simple, and there’s a lot of meat. It’s not just about meat, but usually there is an ear in every soup. It’s good for winter cooking and the dishes are always tasty.” – Eduard

The Best of Viennese Cuisine, Ewald Plachutta »
“This is a classic. Plachutta is a chef from Vienna and this book gives a good overview of Viennese cuisine. He does amazing tafelspitz – beef boiled in water with lots of vegetables and bone marrow. It looks easy but it’s actually difficult to do it really well. The book gets more interesting in the main courses. This we love to do [pointing to a recipe for Schinkenfleckerl]: it’s like small pasta with fresh cheese and sliced ham. You put it in the oven, it’s kind of like an Austrian lasagne.” – Eduard


Posted 3rd June 2016

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Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Yousef Eldin & Dan Dennison

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