Inside Peter Gordon’s Kitchen

26th April 2016

Interview: Molly Tait-Hyland
Photographs: Yousef Eldin

The New Zealand chef on a delicious nutty oil from Morocco, a coffee roaster shaped like a grenade and books about fire and pork


Tamarind »
“I love the sourness of tamarind. I tend to buy block tamarind from Southeast Asia.” – Peter

Shiro miso »
“I use miso like I use salt. This is a white miso that’s a sort of a tan colour.”

Freekeh »
“A grain that’s becoming more popular, it’s a smoky tasting green wheat which I cook [see recipe] or use in salads.”

Argan oil »
“This delicious nutty oil from Morocco is very expensive, but worth every penny. Harvested by goats, who spit out the nuts after eating the fleshy part, and then by women. It’s also good for the hair apparently.”

Skrei tongues »
“The tongues from migratory cod from Norway – I brought some home frozen from an event the other night. Tongues tossed in flour and fried in butter will be the next big thing I promise you!”


Raadvad bread slicer »
“This was a gift from my friend Anna Hansen [of The Modern Pantry], her family are Danish. It resembles a guillotine with a ledge to rest the loaf on before you chop it as thin as you’d like.”

Coffee roaster »
“When I went to Israel some years ago with Yotam Ottolenghi, I met this genius inventor named Ram Evgi [of Coffee-Tech Engineering]. His roaster resembles a large hand grenade that you fill with green coffee beans and then toast while turning over an open flame. I only use it occasionally and more for fun than necessity.”

Magimix »
Peter has a limited edition gold-plated model. “I bought it at a Jamie Oliver charity auction. I was sitting at a table with his mum and dad. We had donated a dinner at Providores. Nobody was bidding so I put my hand up and bid, and then someone else put their hand up, and then I put my hand up, and then no one else put their hand up so I had to pay for it. This came with it. Every time I get it out I feel like I’ve gone to Dubai or something.”



Jerusalem, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi »
“Lovely history and tried and tested recipes, great insight into the city and it’s ways.” – Peter

Pork and Sons, Stéphane Reynaud »
“Pork – gotta love it!”

The Cook’s Book, Jill Norman (editor) »
“So many chapters focusing on so many things you need know.”

Fire, Christine Manfield »
“Brilliantly well-written book, fabulous recipes that just keep on giving, wonderful combinations.”

The Great New Zealand Cookbook, various authors »
“As a New Zealander this touches so many soft spots and the imagery is terrific.”


Posted 26th April 2016

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Interview: Molly Tait-Hyland
Photographs: Yousef Eldin

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