About Us

Hi, I’m Jeff Pratt and I am a self-certified food lover. I come from a line of food lovers, and all my friends bear the same title. What else is there in life to enjoy as much as food?

Don’t answer that!

Since I was a teenager, I have always been fascinated with food challenges. I’d make my friends compete against each other and we’d always have a great time.

We’d travel all around the US looking for restaurants offering food challenges. Our pictures are on quite a few walls of fame!

Now we’re grown and somewhat responsible, we have a pact to get together once a month for a food challenge. This month is who can handle the spiciest wings. You don’t want to know how many ghost peppers I’ve consumed to train for that moment. 

Jeff Pratt

My love of food extends challenges into cooking, trying new restaurants, and much more. That is why I’ve created The Gannet, as a place to teach people all my tips and tricks surrounding food and cooking. Don’t forget the food challenges!

So, stay a while and learn from someone that has been interested in food their whole life. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet you on a wall of fame somewhere.