12 Amazing Chicken And Rice Recipes Your Family Will Love

The combination of chicken and rice is always a winner for any family dinner, it is filling and nutritious and often quite cheap and easy to make.

12 Amazing Chicken And Rice Recipes Your Family Will Love

However, it can become a little bit repetitive after a while and kids especially can become bored and disinterested in yet another chicken dinner.

In this article, we will look at 12 of the most delicious, family-friendly chicken and rice recipes that are sure to be popular weeknight dinners.

Chicken Burrito Bowl (Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker)

This chicken burrito bowl is a great midweek option when your kids have back-to-back after-school clubs and your spouse is working late.

Thanks to the pressure cooker or instant pot cooking method you can make this healthy meal in less than 20 minutes including prep.

This chicken burrito bowl contains all of the elements that you would find in a burrito from your favorite Mexican restaurant, but with fewer carbohydrates from the lack of tortilla wrap.

There are plenty of pulses, vegetables, and protein that you can add to these bowls that will make it an even more nutritious and satisfying meal for the whole family.

The combination of the chicken and the rice soaks up all of the wonderful flavors from all the ingredients and spices to make a flavorful, midweek treat with very little effort.

Chipotle Chicken Masala

Chicken tikka masala is probably one of the regular dinners in your rotation, however, this recipe will add a fresh twist to the family favorite.

Adding the smoky flavors of chipotle spices will add a different type of warmth to this dish as well as a whole new level of flavor.

This quirky twist on a chicken tikka masala is a great option if you find yourself often making different types of curries during the week.

The deep, smoky flavors of the chipotle seasoning are a great way to break up the Indian spices for a fresh taste experience.

The addition of these flavors also gives your masala a more authentic flavor without having to invest in a clay oven.

Thai Red Curry

Thai curries make a great family dinner, especially the red version.

Not only is it visually appealing which is great for younger kids, but it also features cooling coconut milk which helps make sure that it isn’t too hot for your younger children.

This recipe strays from the popular method of sauteing the chicken and then warming it through in the finished sauce.

This method, while creating chicken with a slightly crispy outside, often leads to very dry chicken on the inside. Instead, in this recipe, the chicken is gently poached in the coconut-based curry sauce.

This will result in tender, juicy pieces of chicken that are much more appealing to your family, especially your children.

Chicken Risotto (No Wine)

Risotto is such an easy midweek meal that often gets overlooked as an option for families with young children due to the use of wine in the recipes.

Although, when done correctly, the alcohol in the wine should be burned off during the cooking process leaving only the flavors behind.

Regardless, some people just don’t feel comfortable using wine to cook meals that their children will be eating.

That’s where this recipe comes in. Written by moms, for moms, this risotto recipe features absolutely no wine at all.

Risotto is a great option for family meals as it is so easy to change up the flavors and ingredients each time. For example, if your family really likes mushrooms, you can just add them in.

If they prefer peas, you can add them straight from the freezer. It is also a great way to use up leftovers from other recipes.

If you have excess roast chicken from the night before, a risotto makes an easy and convenient dinner.

One Pot Buffalo Chicken Casserole

This easy family dinner recipe will give everyone those game-day feelings that evoke happy memories of being together and supporting your team.

This recipe has many perks aside from the fact that it is totally delicious.

This meal can be ready in as little as 25 minutes including prep, on top of that, it is gluten free which will help avoid digestive discomfort.

If the adults and older children in your family want a spicier dish you can drizzle more of the spicy buffalo sauce on top of each portion to add an extra kick.

Crockpot Chicken Mole

Although this recipe takes a long time to cook, especially for a midweek meal, it is completely hands-off so you can start it cooking and get on with whatever else you have to do during your day and come back when it is ready to serve.

In fact, the only thing that needs to be done before serving is cooking the rice that accompanies it.

The mole sauce provides an earthy, rich flavor palette that warms the soul on a cold day.

One of the most unique things about the sauce in this dish is that it contains dark chocolate or cocoa powder which is bound to get the whole family on board.

Lemon Chicken Rice Soup (Pressure Cooker)

This is an easy, healthy family recipe that makes a great weeknight dinner that can be accompanied by a loaf of cornbread.

Although soup is often associated with winter as a meal that is both filling and warming, this soup is a little different. The lemon gives this a fresh kick that feels right at home on a warm summer’s evening.

Because it is made in a pressure cooker, this dish can be ready in under 20 minutes, including the natural release time of your cooker.

Great for those nights when it feels like you just don’t have the time to make a healthy and nutritious dinner that the whole family will love.

Devil’s Diablo Sauce Chicken

This recipe is great if you have a family full of heat lovers.

As the name suggests the Devil’s diablo sauce is very fiery and creates a warming, flavorful dish that is the perfect accompaniment for coconut or cilantro rice.

This recipe is not ideal if you have young children to cook for as it will most likely be far too spicy for them, however, if your children are older and enjoy spicy foods, this is still a brilliant option for a family dinner.

You can also make a cooling yogurt and cilantro sauce to provide a cooling effect for anyone who needs it.

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Tinga

Tinga is a popular dish in Mexican households and restaurants. Its smoky and sweet flavors create a warming and comforting dish that will satisfy the whole family.

Because this is another slow cooker recipe, it can be cooked in the background while you get other things done, all the while filling your home with beautiful aromas that will draw your children to the dinner table in plenty of time.

Pairing chicken tinga with cilantro and lime rice makes for a filling and healthy dinner that everyone will love.

Asian Chicken Rice Bowl

This Asian-inspired chicken rice bowl is perfect for a quick, light dinner on a hot summer’s evening.

This dish requires very little preparation or cooking so you don’t have to slave over the stove for hours when it is 100 degrees outside.

The chicken in this recipe comes from rotisserie chicken so you don’t even have to cook it yourself.

Simply prepare the rice according to packet instructions, you can add some stock to the rice water to add another layer of flavor.

Then mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and drizzle with soy sauce. Great for busy nights and late finishes.

Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

This chicken and rice casserole is one of the most visually appealing dishes in this article.

The contrast of the dark wild rice with the white meat creates an almost monochrome dinner for your family.

The gentle flavors of this dish come from parsley, pimientos, mushrooms, and broth.

This is a great dish if you have younger children who don’t like spicy foods. It is easy to add spice to individual portions with your favorite hot sauce or chili flakes if you prefer a bit more of a kick.

Black Bean Chicken With Rice

This casserole-style dish provides great nutritional value for your entire family as well as delicious flavors that everyone loves.

To add an extra kick to the dish, simply add a splash of your favorite hot sauce.

This dish takes just over an hour to cook. However, a significant portion of the time is very hands-off and allows you to step away from the stove to take care of other things.

This makes it a great addition to your midweek recipe list.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of great options to make chicken and rice midweek meals that your entire family will love.

Simply changing up the spices that you use can bring a fresh kick to some of your family favorites too.

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