10 Amazing Chicken Tenderloin Recipes Your Family Will Love

So, you’re staring into your refrigerator looking for a nice tasty, low in fat, meal. But you just don’t know where to start. What can you make?

10 Amazing Chicken Tenderloin Recipes Your Family Will Love

Well, a quick google search or flick through a recipe book will give you plenty of meal ideas for chicken breast, but what about chicken tenderloin?

Chicken tenderloin or chicken tenders are a super option for all parents out there and here’s why. They’re fairly healthy, they are quick to cook, and kids love them.

Especially when a tasty tender can be dipped and dunked in their favorite sauces.

They are also a great choice if you like to do meal prep since you can do so much with them. You are sure to find a recipe that everyone in the family adores.

Honey & Garlic Butter Chicken Tenders

I could eat these for days, and even the fussiest of eaters that I know, enjoy tucking into these delicious sticky sweet, and garlicky chicken tenders.

They are also a great option for those who like to meal prep at the beginning of the week.

All you’ll need is some chicken tenders, honey, garlic, butter, and apple cider vinegar. Just whisk all these ingredients together and then let your tenders marinate in the mixture.

Then all that’s left to do is cook them in a skillet until they’re a golden brown color.

After that, it’s up to you how you serve them. They make the perfect snack, go great in a salad or wrap, or go great with a portion of fries and some veggies.

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

Who doesn’t love an air fryer? And who doesn’t love chicken? If you like a recipe that requires as minimal effort as possible, this is the one for you.

The air fryer also means that you can give your kids that deep-fried taste without using all that oil. It’s a win-win.

Marinate your chicken in mayonnaise, garlic, and dijon mustard. Next, coat them in a mix of plain breadcrumbs and Panko breadcrumbs as well as some parmesan cheese.

Spray them with a little cooking spray or oil and then pop them in your air fryer and let it do the rest of the work. It shouldn’t take long until they’re ready for you.

These go great on top of a nice leafy green salad, and of course, you can’t forget some dipping pots for all your favorite sauces.

My favorite with these tenders is honey mustard – yum!

Chicken Scampi With Garlic Parmesan Rice

If you’re a scampi-lover then you’re going to love this recipe.

I also tend to find that kids prefer the taste of chicken over fish and these always go down a treat when I make them for my family.

You’ll want to take your tenderloins and cover them in salt and pepper, and garlic. Pop them in a hot skillet with olive oil and cook until browned.

Accompany these juicy tenders with a really tasty rice pilaf which you’ll prepare with white wine, chicken broth, butter, garlic, and then top off with some parmesan cheese.

It takes a little bit longer than some of the other recipes, but it does create a really succulent and filling meal.

Maybe you could prepare it on a weekend when you’ve got a little longer to cook.

I always serve this with a small salad and some garlic bread too and honestly it is so delicious.

Copycat Cracker Barrel Grilled Chicken Tenderloins

Do you have kids pestering you to go out for tea when you’ve got plenty of food at home? Whip up this recipe and you won’t disappoint.

Cracker Barrel’s chicken tenderloins are super tasty, right? Well, that’s why I’ve popped this recreation of their chicken tenderloins on this list!

Your yummy tenderloins are marinated in honey, lime juice, and Italian dressing. Then you’ll cook everything together until the sauce has reduced and the chicken is a lovely golden brown.

Because of the way the tenderloin is cooked, it comes out so moist and juicy and is packed full of flavor.

I think these are served best with some really creamy mash and some roasted veggies.

Chicken With Garlic Parmesan Rice

Chicken and rice is a classic meal. Well, this is just a slightly fancier version.

Melt-in-the-mouth chicken with some super fluffy and flavorsome rice – delicious.

The rice is made with chicken broth, butter, garlic, white wine, and parmesan cheese (the more the better.)

Now, this is definitely nice and hearty enough to eat as it is. But I would always opt for some nice toasted crusty rolls to go with it too, and a small side salad.

Walnut, Cranberry, and spinach salad go perfect for the parents. And for your smaller, fussier eaters I’d offer a few leafy greens with a small drizzle of balsamic vinegar for a dressing.

What’s more, is that this whole hearty meal takes just 40 minutes to cook so is perfect for weeknights after school and work.

Bacon Brown Sugar Chicken Tenders

Do your kids love maple syrup and bacon on pancakes? Of course, they do.

Well then, you’ll just have to try this savory and sweet chicken tender recipe. I’ll warn you now though, make these once and you’ll be committed to making them all the time.

They are so moreish and the whole family just won’t ever get enough of them. I can talk from experience.

Luckily, they only use five ingredients, so they are super easy to make.

You’ll want to toss your chicken tenders in salt and pepper, as well as brown sugar, and wrap them up nice and tight in a slice of bacon.

Then sprinkle a little more brown sugar over the top and bake them for around 20 minutes.

I usually also broil mine for just a couple of minutes afterward, just to give them that nice brown color and to ensure that the bacon is nice and crispy.

Have a small pot of maple syrup on the side to dip them in and get ready to experience a little bite of heaven.

Oven-Baked Ranch Chicken Tenders

Ranch dressing is definitely an American favorite. And these juicy tenders will not disappoint either.

Dunk your chicken tenders in ranch dressing and leave them to soak up all that flavor for around 30 minutes.

After this, they are then seasoned with baking mix, salt and pepper, and paprika before they are baked for around 20 minutes.

They are great for being dipped in, you guessed it, ranch dressing. But barbeque and salsa also go really well with them too.

Alternatively, you can put them beside some cheesy mash and some green beans for a real comfort meal.

Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken Tenders

This is a light and tasty option that everyone will love. And great news for the designated cook in your home, it only takes thirty minutes to cook.

These chicken tenders are mixed with butter, paprika, onion powder, salt and pepper, chicken stock, lemon juice, garlic, hot sauce, and trimmed green beans.

A little tip for you, microwave your green beans and then finish cooking them in the skillet with butter and your tenders. It really elevates the meal.

I always then garnish these tenders with lemon slices, parsley, and red pepper flakes.

Creamy Ranch Chicken Casserole

You didn’t think tenders would be the only way I would incorporate ranch into a meal, did you?

Well calling all ranch-lovers. This one is for you.

This recipe calls for a combination of chicken tenderloin, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, ranch seasoning, cheese, and some crushed crackers.

It’s quick and easy to make, taking only 40 minutes including baking time and what’s great is that if you don’t finish it you can freeze the rest for later.

Grab some warm rolls and some salad to accompany this dish.

Taco Tuesday Chicken Tenders

Don’t worry, you can make this any day of the week that you like.

These tenders are so tasty and you can’t go wrong pairing them with some lemon and garlic buttery noodles. Yum!

You’ll toss your chicken in all your favored taco seasonings and stir fry them in butter. Then using the same pan you’ll make a to-die-for sauce made of lemon juice, chicken broth, and hot sauce.

Then lastly, you’ll cook your noodles and read the chicken tenders to make a super yummy skillet meal that the whole family will enjoy.

This recipe is also keto-friendly and is quite low in carbs so is a great healthy option too.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there is plenty you can do with chicken tenderloin. There are so many tasty options that you and the whole family will love.

Most recipes don’t take longer than 30 to 40 minutes either so you won’t have to spend your whole evening stuck behind a stove!

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