Best Chopsticks

For centuries, chopsticks have been an essential part of Asian dining. Over the years, they’ve transformed from simple pairs of sticks for picking up food, to intricate and artistic designs.

For skilled chopstick users, they can act with the deftness and care of fingers, able to grab and hold even single grains of rice.

For many of us, chopsticks are used once and then disposed of. These chopsticks tend to be made of cheap materials, splintering apart after a single meal, and impossible to clean correctly.

But good chopsticks are durable and stylish, can last for many years, and are helpful for both cooking and eating.

Thinking of adding chopsticks to your kitchen? Check out our guide to find the best chopsticks available.

We’ve covered all styles and sizes, from fiberglass Chinese chopsticks to hard wood Japanese chopsticks. And we’ve also put together a buyer’s guide, to help you decide what chopsticks are right for you. 

Top 5 Chopsticks


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Our Top Pick

Incredible workmanship, an attractive design, and a quality build are why these Goldage chopsticks are our top pick. Constructed from fiberglass, the smooth surface can withstand temperatures up to 356℉, and won’t bend or crack with frequent use. 

Dishwasher safe, the non-porous surface stays clean and looks good even after years of delicious dinners.

These Chinese style chopsticks have a square body to prevent rolling, and the grippy tip and lightweight build makes it easy to pick up your favorite foods.

Goldage have used a unique anti-skid finish, making these chopsticks a surprisingly efficient choice for beginners. 

The black surface with gold decoration looks fantastic, and won’t fade or wear because they aren’t painted. Goldage have made these chopsticks a perfect blend of form and function. 


  • BPA free and food contact safe - Safe to use for both adults and children.
  • 2-year warranty - Trust in the quality, thanks to an impressive money-back warranty.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 356℉ - Can be used for cooking, and safe for the dishwasher. 


  • Might slip and fall in the dishwasher.
Also available for purchase from Walmart.


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Best Wood Chopsticks

Presented in an attractive carry case and with a light shine finishing a simple design, we love the look of the HuaLan Japanese Natural Wood Chopsticks. 

Sold in a set of five, these moderately-priced chopsticks feel like quality in the hand, and add some extra luxury to your favorite Japanese dinners. 

The lightweight HuaLan chopsticks are made from natural wood, and use no BPA, formaldehyde, or benzene.

They’re safe to use, constructed from natural jujube wood that is both durable and attractive. Although they can’t be used in the dishwasher, they can be wiped down easily after eating.

Simply decorated with a flower motif, these elegant chopsticks are built in the Japanese style. Thin and tapering, a twisting spiral design makes them easier to hold. HuaLan have also used a passivating treatment, to avoid injuries.

These aren’t the best chopsticks for beginner’s, but for lovers of Japanese food, they’re exceptional.


  • Natural materials - Good for the environment, and safe for use with food.
  • Upper spiral design - Grip the slim chopsticks easier, thanks to the spiral build.
  • Japanese style - A pointed design that’s perfect for ramen, sushi, and more.


  • Hand wash only - These chopsticks need to be hand washed, and left to dry.

Also available for purchase from Walmart.


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Best Metal Chopsticks

Metal chopsticks are an excellent choice for those who regularly use chopsticks, and want a durable option. The Devico set is stylish and durable, with a few added features to make them easier to use.

Made from 18/10 stainless steel, the hollow construction gives the chopsticks a lightweight build that feels good in the hands. But they’re still constructed to be durable, and won’t bend or crack after frequent use.

Suitable for use in the dishwasher, these chopsticks can be cleaned easily, and put away for next time.

Metal chopsticks can be harder to use, but Devico have compensated for this with a non-slip coating. Textured ends help you to grab and hold your food, while a square handle keeps the chopsticks from rolling away.

Presented in an attractive carry case, these metal chopsticks are an elegant take on the traditional design.


  • Easy to clean - Suitable for use in the dishwasher, these can be wiped clean and dry in seconds.
  • 18/10 stainless steel - A combination of durable and lightweight, easier to use again and again.
  • Textured end - An improved grip thanks to the textured ends. Grab hold of even the slippiest of noodles. 


  • Simple design won’t appeal to all.

Also available for purchase from Devico and Walmart.


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Best Chopsticks For Learners

If you’ve grown up using chopsticks, they feel as natural in your hand as a knife and fork. But if you’re picking them up for the first time as an adult, you might find more rice ends up on the table than in your mouth! 

The Edison Friends Training Chopsticks help you get to grips with the mechanics, and enjoy your favorite noodle dishes the traditional way.

The Edison Friends chopsticks feature a few key elements to make them easy to use. The chopsticks are connected, so you don’t have to worry about one falling away as you try and manipulate the other.

There’s a ring for the index and middle finger, and a prop for the thumb and ring finger, to ease movement. And the embossed end means once you’ve picked something up, you won’t let it go.

And when you’ve started to get control of your chopsticks, you can remove the rings to challenge yourself. Fantastic for learners and building confidence, they’re also an excellent design for adults with reduced mobility. 


  • Gradual learning - Remove the rings as your confidence builds.
  • Durable - The larger chopstick is easier to hold, and won’t break easily.
  • Left-handed and right-handed options - Learn whichever way is right for you.


  • Rings might not fit larger fingers.
Also available for purchase from Walmart.


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Best Travel Chopsticks

For Asian food enthusiasts who like to always have a pair of chopsticks to hand, we love these Snow Peak Wabuki collapsible chopsticks. 

Made from a combination of stainless steel and bamboo, these chopsticks can be taken apart and stored in a pouch, for chopsticks on the go.

Disposable chopsticks are useful, but they lack the weight and feel of proper chopsticks. Not to mention, they’re bad for the environment. With the Snow Peak Wabuki chopsticks, you never have to struggle with bad utensils again.

They’re fantastic for office lunches, and great to have on the go. For camping and hiking, these chopsticks help you to reduce waste.

The chopstick design is minimal and simple. The bamboo base slots into a stainless steel handle, with a brass ring holding the two in place.

They’re slim and tapered, with a square design to prevent the chopsticks from rolling away. When you’ve finished eating, wipe them clean, pop off the metal top, and store it all in the included carry case!


  • Collapsible design - Take your chopsticks wherever you go.
  • Durable - Good to use around the house.
  • Included carry pouch - Easy storage.


  • Expensive - A useful design, but at a high price. 
Also available for purchase from Snow Peak and REI.

Buyer’s Guide

A good pair of chopsticks can last from noodles to dumplings to sushi and more. Sturdy, with a lightweight build, these chopsticks feel natural to use, and help you to get a perfect grip on your food. 

But bad chopsticks splinter, fall apart, and just don’t hold on to anything. If you’re investing in chopsticks for the home, you want to make sure you know all the qualities to look for before buying.

In this guide, we’ll cover the features to look out for, so you and your chopsticks can navigate a bowl of rice like a pro.

Best Chopsticks


When choosing your chopsticks, the first thing to consider is what materials to get. Chopsticks are available in a range of materials, and there are pros and cons to each choice. 


Wooden chopsticks are traditional, and they tend to be easier to grip than other materials. Wood can also look fantastic, and the natural material feels light and comfortable to hold.

However, wood is harder to care for, as it needs to be wiped and left to dry. Wood can also warp and break with frequent use. Avoid any untreated wood, as this might splinter in your hand and mouth.


Bamboo chopsticks are growing in popularity thanks to their eco-friendliness. Bamboo chopsticks have similar advantages and disadvantages to wood: they feel good to use, but are harder to care for.


Durable metal is a good material choice for those who frequently use chopsticks. Metal lasts a long time, is unlikely to break, and can typically be placed in the dishwasher. However, metal can be expensive, and the smooth finish can be tricky to grip.


Strength is a key quality to fiberglass, making it an excellent choice for chopsticks. Fiberglass is tough, and won’t wear easily. Typically dishwasher safe, fiberglass can withstand high heats, so these chopsticks can often be used for cooking.


Plastic is best for disposable chopsticks, and plastic chopsticks lack the quality of other materials. We recommend avoiding plastic.

Food Safe

No matter the type of material used, it should be food safe. This often means avoiding chopsticks that are lacquered or painted. 


There are two places on the chopstick where you need to think about grip: the top of the handle, and the ends. Textured grip at the ends helps the chopstick to grab and hold on to the food.

Some chopsticks use light texture to slightly improve the grip, while others will have embossed teeth, which are better for beginners.

On the handle, the grip helps you to secure the chopstick in your hand. Handles will sometimes have a sculpted design, which subtly secures the chopstick. Anti-slip coatings are also used to improve the grip. 

The material used can affect the necessity of these features. For example, metal chopsticks often need at least light embossing, but it isn’t as common on wood. Some chopsticks have nothing to help grip, and rely solely on your skill!

Chinese, Korean, Or Japanese?

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are three styles of chopsticks. These styles determine the length and shape of the chopstick.


Chinese chopsticks are the longest chopsticks. They have a blunt and flat tip, and often have squared sides. Chinese chopsticks are often made from wood or melamine.


Korean chopsticks are mid-sized, and tend to be flat and thin. They typically have rectangular tips, and are made from metal. Korean chopsticks do have their uses, but they aren’t ideal for noodles and rice. Most widely available chopsticks are in the Chinese or Japanese style.


Japanese chopsticks are the shortest style, and have a tapered tip, rather than a blunt end. They’re thin and pointed, so you can grasp food with precision. Japanese chopsticks tend to be made from either wood or bamboo.

There are benefits and advantages to each style, so it often helps to try them out with your favorite meals.


The best chopstick length is decided by what feels right for you. Shorter chopsticks tend to offer better control, but too short and you won’t be able to hold them properly. 

It’s also important to consider if these chopsticks are used for cooking or eating. Eating chopsticks are shorter, because you need control.

Cooking chopsticks are longer, to provide some distance from the heat. Both styles can be used for cooking and eating, but it can feel awkward. If you frequently cook and eat with chopsticks, it’s worth investing in both styles. 


Round or square? Round chopsticks feel comfortable, but they have a tendency to roll about when you put them down.

If you want a pair of rounded chopsticks, it’s worth investing in a chopstick rest as well! Square chopsticks won’t roll around, but they can cut into your hand if gripped too tightly.

Thickness is also important! Thicker chopsticks are easier to hold and maneuver, as they can be used as a scoop. Thin chopsticks require a little extra work. 


Once you’ve considered the most important factors of the chopstick, you can start to have some fun with your choice. There is a massive variety of chopsticks available, from the plain and simple, to the abstract and modern.

Wooden chopsticks tend to have traditional design, often with Asian-inspired decoration. Fiberglass chopsticks can come in fun and funky colors, while metal chopsticks tend to go for a sleek style.

If you take your chopsticks into work, you might even want to invest in a pair of personalized chopsticks!


The price of chopsticks tends to relate to the quality of the material. Plastic and disposable wood chopsticks will be cheaper, but you can’t expect them to last very long.

Fiberglass and metal chopsticks will cost more, but you can keep on using them for many years. The intricacy of the design will also affect the final price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy Chopsticks?

If you’ve been happy using the disposable chopsticks included with most takeaways, you might be wondering why it’s worth investing in reusable options. Reusable chopsticks are better for the environment, and they’re better for eating with.

They won’t splinter as easily, and feel smooth and pleasant to hold. Reusable chopsticks aren’t expensive, either! For just a couple of dollars, you can have a set to last you for years.

What Material Is Best For Chopsticks?

Wood, bamboo, fiberglass, and metal are all good materials for chopsticks. We like the feel of wooden chopsticks, and their practicality. However, fiberglass and metal are easier to care for, and last a long time without needing to be replaced. 

How Do You Wash Chopsticks?

Chopsticks simply need to be wiped down with warm water and a sponge, rinsed with clean water, and then left to dry. Wooden and bamboo chopsticks should dry completely before being stored, to prevent bacteria from growing.

Some types of chopsticks can be placed in the dishwasher, but it helps to buy a dishwasher basket. Otherwise, the chopsticks can fall through the slots, potentially damaging the chopsticks and the dishwasher. 

Should I Buy Chopstick Rests?

Chopstick rests are fun and decorative ways to keep your chopsticks from rolling around, but they aren’t always necessary. Squared chopsticks won’t roll, so they don’t need a rest, and can balance on the side of your plate.

However, rounded chopsticks do roll, and a chopstick rests can stop your utensils from falling on the floor.

Chopstick rests come in a variety of designs, and they’re a fun addition to any table.

Final Thoughts

Disposable chopsticks just can’t compare to reusable chopsticks. A good pair can last you for many years, and elevate your favorite Asian dishes. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect pair of chopsticks.

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