10 Delicious Thin Steak Recipes You Need To Try

Is there anything better than a good steak? Cooked to perfection, just the way that you like it, just the right amount of rarity, and a good side of whatever you could ask for.

10 Delicious Thin Steak Recipes You Need To Try

Whilst getting a good steak is one of the trickiest kinds of meat you can cook when you can, it’s hard to top it.

Steak can be served in a variety of ways. Certainly, there is the classic sirloin steak, lovely and think with an amount of rarity inside, but it is also becoming increasingly popular for the steak to be shredded or to be served as thin slices.

This is especially the case where steak, whilst being a key ingredient, is but one flavor among a sea (or maybe a soup), of many others.

Whilst this has been a traditional way to cook steak in many parts of the world for a long time, it is only just now getting the more widespread recognition that it deserves.

And that is part of the problem.

Many people, when looking to prepare steak like this for the first time, will often fail to take into account the different needs that this type of recipe asks of a chef, which can result in a poorly prepared meal.

If you want to avoid that, then you need some tailored thin steak slices recipes that know what they are doing with their key ingredient.

This is where this list might come in handy!

In this guide to thinly sliced steak recipes, we are going to take you through a selection of dishes from a variety of cuisines that use this steak method.

And all of them are melt-in-your-mouth gorgeous!

Easy Philly Cheese Steak

To start this list strong, we have a classic thin steak recipe that probably everybody’s at least heard of, if not tried themselves.

The Philly cheese steak is practically the most iconic meal to come out of the city, and for damn good reason.

The balance of juicy, succulent slices of thin steak, coupled with a great hot dog bun, along with the plenty of sautéed mushrooms, onions, and peppers, makes it the go-to comfort food that everyone needs to try for themselves, regardless of whether or not they have been the Philly to have an ‘authentic’.

Because that’s the beauty of a Philly cheese steak. It is a meal that is supposed to be simple and easy to make, so of course, you can make one that is just as good in your kitchen as it would be in the city of brotherly love.

Steak & Eggs

Right behind the classic Philly cheese steak, steak and eggs are probably one of the most iconic steak dishes out there. And, when it is prepared with thinly sliced steak, you get a whole new experience.

The best part of a classic steak and eggs recipe is dipping your steak in the gooey runny egg yolk.

When you have the steak thinly sliced, you’ll be surprised just how much the difference in presentation and preparation will make.

Letting the egg yolk burst and run all around each slice, slathering it to yellowy golden perfection, might be a simple pleasure for some.

But we dare you to try and find something that is just as good that can be prepared just as quickly!

Spicy Beef Stir Fry Noodles

Moving over to add a little Asian cuisine to our list, we have a brilliant noodle recipe that is perfect for steak lovers that love a little punch of heat in their meat.

Beef and noodles are a time-honored traditional dish in many Chinese and East Asian recipes, and this recipe is all the proof that you need to convince the doubters out there.

The recipe, despite its decently long ingredients list, is deceptively easy to make for yourself, with only a few steps necessary to make this a standout favorite among the heat-loving family and friends in your life.

Not only that, the recipe itself is incredibly quick for pretty much anyone to make themselves, with an average cooking time of just over half an hour to finish and have ready to serve.

Plus, with only a little 300 calories for servings, this is tasty food that isn’t going to cut into any diets you may be trying out or planning for.

Tender Thin Steak & Broccoli In Garlic Butter Cream Sauce

Broccoli and steak are a classic pair that go together in virtually any dish they are in. So, adding this creamy and buttery garlic sauce to the mix can surely only make things better!

With plenty of extra flavors added into both the sauce and the preparations for this meal, from the vinegar and cornstarch to the heavy cream and garlic butter, this is a recipe that lets you appreciate a good steak’s ability to soak up juices and sauces.

Plus, in our humble opinion at least, we think that broccoli is a criminally underused vegetable, so it is great to finally see a recipe that makes full use of it.

The florets, like the thinly sliced steak that it comes with, do an excellent job of absorbing flavors and sauces, making it right at home with the meaty counterpart of this recipe.

Steak Sandwich

What exactly is the difference between a regular steak sandwich, and the Philly cheese steak that we already covered?

To that question, we would only ask: Why spend your time asking questions like that when there’s a delicious steak recipe (Check out some Cube Steak Recipes as well) to be cooked and eaten!?

The recipe for this particular steak sandwich makes sure that you have your caramelized onion at the ready to give you that one-two punch of sweet onions, coupled with the delicate savory of a perfectly sautéed steak, sliced to perfection.

Whilst pretty much any cut of steak will work wonderfully for this particular kind of sandwich, we recommend using rib eye if you can find some at a reasonable price. 

Marinated London Broil

Whilst, plenty of the recipes we have covered so far have highlighted steak’s ability to absorb juices and flavors, we haven’t mentioned a good marinated steak recipe yet.

Well, this London Broil is sure to fix that!

Broils tend to come in massive slabs of perfectly marinated beef steak that have been sliced against the grain, and to a perfect thickness to avoid that stringy texture that you sometimes get in a bad cut of steak.

Carne Asada Tacos With Pineapple Salsa

Steak and Mexican food go together like peanut butter and jelly. Only in this case, the peanut butter is a deliciously thin slice of beef steak, and the jelly is cilantro.

This recipe recommends using a dedicated slicing tool from a food processor to get your steak at just the right thickness. However, with a little bit of practice, you can just as easily, if a little more carefully, use a carving knife for this.

Make sure that all your extras, from your jalapeños to your onions, are finely chopped for the perfect spread across your tortillas.

Speaking of tortillas (You might want to check out this Guide to Eating Tamales here), the recipe comes with the perfect tortilla dough recipe too, so that your Mexican salad and thin steak slices have something to go in whilst you are ready to munch down on them!

Egyptian Style Breaded Thin Steak

We feel that Egyptian cuisine doesn’t get enough love out there, especially when it comes to good steak recipes. Well, this particular breaded buftek recipe might just solve that issue!

With only a handful of ingredients necessary to make this dish, this is the perfect introduction to not just thin steak recipes, but also Egyptian cuisine as a whole!

All you’ll need is an onion, oil, salt and pepper, some puree, and, of course, some breadcrumbs and your steak to boot!

30-Minute Steak Stir Fry

Back at it again with another excellent stir-fry recipe, this dish is not just a delicious way of preparing steak for you and whoever else you are serving, but is also incredibly quick to prepare and make as well!

In less than 30 minutes, you can have a stir-fry that is packed to the brim with broccoli florets, bell peppers, and scallions too.

It is the perfect recipe for those who love East Asian cuisine but worry that it takes too much time to make.

Steak & Seafood Skillet With Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce

Finally, we have a recipe that not only includes steak but a whole host of other meaty and seafood (You might want to check out What Is Calamari here) goodness!

This recipe is the perfect dish if you are looking for a meal that can feed and please a whole crowd of people. Whatever they want, from beef to shrimp (You might want to check out some Shrimp Pasta Recipes here), it’s all in here!

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of thinly sliced steak recipes for you to try/ So what are you waiting for?

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