7 Mouth-Watering Pork Butt Recipes Everyone Will Love

Pork is probably one of the more underutilized meats out there when it comes to how often it comes to mind as someone’s favorite food, especially when compared to the succulence that you can find in beef, or the sheer variety of cooking methods that are used with chicken.

7 Mouth-Watering Pork Butt Recipes Everyone Will Love

It’s also not helped by the fact that pork is also one of the most difficult meats to cook right.

Whether you are broiling it, grilling it, roasting it, frying it, leaving it to cook for just a little too long, or not having just the right seasoning on it, can end up with your pork cut being relatively flavorless, or benign burned to a crisp.

However, do not let its relatively high learning curve put you off.

With a little patience and the right instruction, pork can be a signature dish, unlike any other meat, whether you are cooking it for the table with your family, or bringing it to a party.

That goes for pretty much any cut too, whether it is tenderloins, belly, or, in this case, pork butt.

If you are struggling to narrow down which cut of pork you want to try your hand at cooking, then fear not!

Our guide will give you several excellent pork butt recipes (You might also want to check out some Pork Cutlet Recipes) that you can try your hand at preparing.

Some have only a few ingredients, others will have long lists. Some will be a little more complicated in preparing, whilst others will be a little simpler.

The only way to get better at cooking is to practice, and the only to practice is to start cooking!

Competition Style Pork Butt

Starting off our list with a style of pork butt that is sure to light the hearts of those that love a good cooking challenge, we have this competition-style pork butt!

Whilst this particular recipe can be done with either a pork butt or a classic shoulder of pork, we recommend the pork butt being used, as the meat on it will be a little more succulent and able to hold onto juices better, thanks to it being a little higher on the foreleg of the pig (despite what the name suggests, pork butt cuts do come from the front shoulder of the animal).

If you have the option to cook between a boneless cut of pork butt or a boned piece, we would recommend going for the boned option.

Whilst you can still get some amazing results with a boneless option, there’s just something about the bone being cooked with the meat that gives it an extra melt-in-your-mouth quality.

Maybe it’s the extra flavors from the bone being allowed to soak into the meat.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the bone also gives you a handy indicator o when the meat has been cooked just right (the bone will slip out pretty easily once the meat it is attached to is cooked

Roast Pork Butt

Of course, while grilling is always a popular option for people when it comes to their pork recipes, roasting is a traditional method that also produces some exquisite results.

And the same can be said for virtually any pork cut that you use it with, including a good pork butt cut.

The seasoning that this recipe also recommends, whilst giving the pork plenty of flavor to hold on to as well as enhance its own, is relatively simple too.

Paprika, chili flakes, cumin, and brown sugar are all relatively inexpensive and common ingredients that you can find with just a little searching.

Plus, the sheer amount of shredded pork that this recipe yield is huge. You’ll easily be able to feed a big family gathering with this recipe.

Or, if you’re only feeding a few people, will make excellent leftover ingredients for at least a few days to come, provided that it is stored correctly. You’ll have one heck of a pork sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch, that’s for sure!

Slow-Roasted Pork Butt

As you can see, judging by the number of recipes we have just for this method alone, roasted pork is a favorite for households across the country, with plenty of personal touches that make each dish stand out from the others. This recipe is a perfect example.

Like many of the best pork butt recipes, the ingredients needed to make this one are relatively easy to source from a single shopping trip, making it a very appealing option for many newcomers to cooking pork.

Not only that but the ingredients for seasoning can also be replaced with alternatives if the flavors are not to your liking.

Not a big fan of cumin? Try using a little paprika instead? Want to try a sauce other than barbecue? Try out some hoisin instead for a Chinese cuisine flavor to your food.

Whilst some people may be looking for a challenge when it comes to the variety of ingredients they are using, it pays to keep your ingredient list short too in some circumstances.

Plus, the pork produced is succulent and full of flavor, regardless of what flavors you end up choosing. This recipe is an easy recommendation from us!

Perfect Boston Pork Butt

Boston is a favorite meat for cooking and grill-outs in Boston.

So it is no surprise that there would be some pretty tasty options available for a good Boston pork butt, and this recipe is all the proof that we need!

The trick to getting a good roasted Boston pulled pork is to get the right amount of marbling in your meat.

Pork butt tends to be cheaper meat because of how the meat gathers fat when the pig was alive, meaning that it is often a little tougher or chewier.

A good pork butt will either have just a little marbling across it or will need to be cooked for a little longer. But both can produce amazing flavors all the same!

The only thing we think that you should keep in mind, whether you are looking to replicate this recipe or other Boston staples, is noting that ‘Boston Butt’, as funny of a phrase as it is, is simply shorthand for Boston pork butt, so keep that in mind if you find plenty of the former, but only a few of the latter. They are the same thing.

Best Smoked Pork Butt

A good smoked pork butt is unlike anything else you can taste, especially when done at its best. Fortunately, this smoked pulled pork butt recipe manages to do just that.

Not only that, but the preparation time needed for these recipes is also surprisingly small.

Sure, this recipe will still take a few hours to cook once you put it into a slow cooker.

But there’s no need to season your pork butt and let it rest overnight either, meaning that, so long as you have a few hours spare, this is a recipe that can be whipped up in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Plus, that recipe list is surprisingly small too, with only some salted butter, brown sugar, paprika, and a few other spices.

If you have promised to bring a great pork recipe to a party this afternoon, and you only have this morning, this is a recipe that we recommend for you!

Pork Butt Roast With Vegetables

We’ve seen a few different recipes for pork butt at this point, and they have been excellent centerpieces for parties and outdoor meals.

However, if you are looking for a pork recipe that is perfect for a Sunday roast with the family, as well as one that uses a few extra vegetables to boot, this is absolutely a pen that you should try.

This is a recipe that lets your vegetables of choice, your onions, your carrots, your potatoes, and your mushrooms, cook in the same juices as your pork, giving them all a delicious meat texture.

What’s more, this is a recipe that is shockingly easy to make, too.

All you need are the ingredients, a little patience, and an oven, and you’ll be able to make a new favorite meal for those family meals that you’ve otherwise struggled with.

Smoked Pulled Pork Butt

Finally, to round off our recipe list, we have another amazing smoked pork butt recipe for you to try.

The extra time, coupled with a delicious barbecue rub to go with it, creates a smoked pulled pork butt that isn’t likely to be beaten anytime soon.

The marbling in it, whilst a chore to deal with for some, is what makes this recipe particularly dreamy to sink your teeth into here!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, whilst time is the biggest factor that you’ll need when cooking pork, it pays dividends in the end.

Try one of these recipes for yourself today!

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