14 Unique Canned Salmon Recipes For Any Occasion

There is no denying that salmon is one of the most delicious fish out there.

14 Unique Canned Salmon Recipes For Any Occasion

It is incredibly versatile and tastes great in a number of different dishes. Fresh salmon is great, but something else that also tastes delicious is canned salmon.

Canned salmon is great because it is already cooked, canned salmon is great if you want a quick meal.

It can significantly reduce the cooking time, and generally just tastes better than fresh salmon in many dishes. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at 14 of the most unique canned salmon recipes (You might also want to check out some Amazing Canned Chicken Recipes) for any occasion . So if you want to find out more, keep on reading!

1. Salmon And Parmesan Fishcakes

First up, we have this delicious salmon and Parmesan fishcake recipe.

Salmon is a fish that is commonly used in fishcakes because of its unique flavour and outstanding texture.

This fishcake recipe is excellent because it is quick and easy to make.

The flavour of the Parmesan also perfectly complements the flavour of the canned salmon.

You could even make these fish cakes in advance and freeze for future use.

Simply defrost them and pop them in the oven when you are ready to eat them. This recipe is definitely one that you won’t regret trying.

2. Salmon Quiché

Alternatively, If you want something light this salmon Quiché recipe is great.

This recipe bills on a traditional Quiché recipe using canned salmon to reduce the cooking time.

With canned salmon, eggs, mozzarella and heavy cream this Quiché is a classic Quiché at heart.

But it is much easier to prepare and you’ll be able to enjoy it much quicker.

Not everybody likes Quiché but if you’re a lover of this dish this is a recipe that you have to try!

3. Creamy Salmon And Spinach Tagliatelle

Fish works incredibly well as an ingredient in pasta dishes. When you think about adding fish to pasta, it is likely that you immediately think of fresh fish.

However, as this recipe shows, canned fish works incredibly well too. Just think of tuna pasta bake.

Fresh tuna is lovely, but when it comes to tuna pasta bake the only thing that works is canned tuna.

The same principle applies with this creamy salmon and spinach tagliatelle recipe. Don’t believe us? Just give it a taste!

4. 5-Minute Salmon Salad

Fish also works incredibly well in salad as this  5-minute salmon salad recipe shows.

When you think about ingredients in a salad it is likely that you think of chicken, eggs, and maybe tuna. 

But if you want to make your salad even nicer you should try adding salmon.

Of all the different meals that exist in the world, salad is one of the most fiddly to prepare.

But the use of canned salmon makes preparing this salad easier, and that is why you will be able to enjoy it in just 5 minutes. 

5. Salmon, Thyme, And Leek Tart

If you are catering for guests, then you might want a meal that is a bit of a showstopper.

If this is the case, look no further than this salmon, thyme and leek tart. Created by British Chef, James Martin, (Also check out this brilliant British chef – Asma Khan) this tart is hearty and delicious.

It contains a variety of different flavours, and it is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.

The use of canned salmon means that it is quick and easy to prepare, and you will be able to enjoy it in no time.

6. Lightened Up Salmon Noodle Casserole

Alternatively, if you want to taste a canned salmon dish that is completely unique, you should check out this lightened up salmon noodle casserole.

If you love noodles, and you love salmon, then this dish will be right up your street!

What’s even better about this dish is that it is actually pretty healthy, with a large serving of this casserole containing around 600 calories.

It is the perfect-canned salmon recipe if you are on a diet. 

7. Salmon Pasta With Crème fraîche

We’ve already looked at a tagliatelle recipe, but this pasta recipe is also delicious.

This recipe recommends using a noodle-style pasta, such as spaghetti or tagliatelle. But, you can use whichever pasta shape you prefer.

It is packed with different ingredients, including a range of vegetables that add tons of flavour and also make the dish healthier too.

It is super easy to make, and the use of crème fraîche makes this pasta sauce delicious and creamy.

The addition of canned salmon gives this dish even more nutrients, and it makes it even more flavourful. If you love pasta, you’ll love this! 

8. Quick Salmon Chowder

Chowder is a comfort food for so many people. There are lots of different types of chowder that you can make.

But if you want one that you can prepare and enjoy quickly, then this quick salmon chowder recipe is perfect.

What’s better about this dish is that you likely already have all the ingredients that you need to make it at home.

It is made using pantry staples, and that’s why we love it so much. With potatoes and onions, it is full of flavour, and guaranteed to be a hit.

Especially on a rainy day.

9. Superfood Salmon Salad

We’ve taken a look at a quick salmon salad recipe, but if you have a little more time on your hands, we would recommend checking out this Superfood Salmon Salad.

If you want a salad that is guaranteed to fill you up until your next meal, then this is the one.

Superfoods are great because they are full of nutrition. This combined with the delicious flavour of the canned salmon creates a delicious meal that you can feel happy eating. 

10. Salmon Patties

Patties are great. No matter whether they are chicken patties, beef patties, or vegetable patties, they make a great meal.

That is why we love this salmon patty recipe. This is an old fashioned recipe, but that doesn’t mean that it is bad.

Sometimes traditional recipes are best, and that is definitely true of this salmon patty recipe.

As this recipe uses canned salmon it is super easy to prepare, and it doesn’t take long to cook either.

Pair these salmon patties with a side dish of your choice for a delicious meal.

11. Salmon And Potato Tortillas

14 Unique Canned Salmon Recipes For Any Occasion

If you are preparing food for a picnic, then you need to consider this smoked salmon and potato tortillas recipe.

It contains just a handful of ingredients, and you will likely already have the ingredients at home.

The recipe recommends using smoked salmon slices, but you can achieve the same result by using canned salmon.

Simply substitute the smoked salmon slices for a tin of canned salmon, and you will achieve the same delicious flavour in a fraction of the time.

Forget making sandwiches next time you head out for a picnic, give this recipe a go instead! 

12. Corn And Salmon Fritters

Alternatively, if you are looking for a budget friendly canned salmon recipe, then look no further than this corn and salmon fritter recipe.

This dish is excellent because you can make a filling meal with just a handful of cheap ingredients.

Most of the ingredients that are used in this recipe, you will already have in your cupboard which makes it even more perfect.

It isn’t the healthiest of recipes, but it is packed with flavour, and it is guaranteed to fill you up.

It is also super fun to make, and the use of canned salmon makes it nice and quick. It is definitely one to try if you are on a tight food budget. 

13. Salmon And Cream Cheese Sandwich

14 Unique Canned Salmon Recipes For Any Occasion

Although sometimes, you simply cannot go wrong with a nice sandwich.

Salmon sandwiches are delicious, but this salmon and cream cheese sandwich recipe is even better.

It is a nice, healthy option that is packed with flavour, and that bit fancier than a plain salmon sandwich.

What’s great about this sandwich is that you can create a yummy sandwich filling without having to cook any of the ingredients by using canned salmon.

It is definitely a sandwich to try if you love salmon. 

14. Spicy Salmon And Guacamole Cones

Finally, we have this spicy salmon and guacamole cone recipe which is perfect if you want a dish to serve for guests.

This recipe looks very fancy, but it actually only takes around 30 minutes to prepare.

We love this recipe because it is packed with flavour due to its Mexican inspiration.

The dish itself is simple, but the way in which it presents itself makes it look incredibly fancy.

It really is the perfect-canned salmon recipe if you want to impress your guests. 


In short, in this guide we have taken a look at 14 unique canned salmon recipes that you can prepare for any occasion.

From unique comfort foods to unique showstoppers for when you have guests around, we have looked at a wide range of dishes. 

Thank you for reading!

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