14 Unique Shrimp Pasta Recipes For Any Occasion

If you are looking for a delicious meal that is perfect for any occasion, you won’t find a nicer meal than a great-tasting shrimp pasta.

And what’s so great about this dish is that it can be as varied as you want. Sure each time you’ll have your two staples, shrimp and pasta, but as for the rest, well anything goes.

14 Unique Shrimp Pasta Recipes For Any Occasion

There are tons of different combinations that will be sure to leave your guests licking their lips and revealing at your amazing chef skills. 

So let’s jump straight into it. Here are my favorite 14 shrimp recipes. 

Lemon Garlic Parmesan Shrimp Pasta

Looking for something easy? I’ve got you. This recipe requires just one pot and can be cooked in just half an hour.

So it’s perfect for those sunny days when you just don’t want to be stuck inside for hours preparing food. 

The ingredients themselves are simple yet super effective. They all compliment each other magnificently and make for one really tasty meal.

You’ll need linguine pasta (you can substitute for other pasta if you’d like, but this one goes best) some butter, garlic, olive oil, jumbo shrimp, parmesan cheese, spinach, and some lemon juice. 

You can also season it with some salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and some Italian seasoning to really elevate the dish. It’s super light on your stomach and pairs great with a cheeky glass of white wine. 

Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta

This is my ultimate comfort food. You know one of those recipes that you just make over and over again? I can’t get enough of the stuff, and I’m sure once you try it, you’ll be just the same.

Just make sure you don’t have a date after eating this one, or that you at least brush your teeth because the more garlicky the better! 

For this recipe, you’ll want some fettuccine pasta and medium-sized shrimp.

Then you’ll want garlic (and lots of it) arugula, unsalted butter, fresh parsley, red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese, and any other seasonings you can’t live without. Make sure you’ve got a large skillet and pot to hand for this one. 

20-Minute Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta

This is a super simple and quick recipe that will have you and your guests reminiscing about holidays abroad.

It’s a light meal with some yummy Mediterranean veggies that will leave you feeling full without feeling too stodgy. 

You’ll need angel hair pasta and large raw shrimp for this dish. Then you’ll want some ripe vine tomatoes, garlic, and red onion.

I personally also like to add peppers and zucchini for that ultimate Mediterranean feel. You’ll also need lemon juice, white wine, parsley, olive oil, parmesan cheese, oregano, and a couple of other seasonings too. 

You’ll only need one pot and a pan for this dish too, so clean-up will be nice and easy – just how we like it. 

Shrimp Pasta In A Creamy Tomato Sauce

Ah, is there anything tastier than a creamy garlicky tomato sauce on pasta? I don’t think so. And this sauce paired with pasta and delicious shrimp is just perfection.

There is no time or day or type of weather that could stop me from eating a portion or two, and then licking the plate clean. The bell peppers and basil in this dish really bring it alive with that burst of flavor. 

You won’t be slaving away for long making this dish either, and you’ll find you won’t be standing around clearing up for long either. And let’s face it, that’s the dream. 

Shrimp Scampi With Pasta

Now, you may have more willpower than me, but I can’t ever purchase shrimp and not use at least some of it to make shrimp scampi.

It just has no business being that delicious! This is why you should try it in your pasta. 

I’d use linguine pasta for this dish. You’ll also need some olive oil, shallots, butter, lemon juice, and shrimp…lots and lots of shrimp (If you’re wondering what you can do with the shrimp tails, check this article out). 

You’ll need to pull out your large skillet for this one, but don’t worry it’ll take only around 20 minutes before you can chomp down on this delicious dish. 

Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta

Calling all spice lovers this ones for you. It’s a creamy pasta but it’ll still get those tastebuds tingling. If you can’t hack your spice don’t worry, you can always just dull down the amount of spice you use. 

I’d suggest fettuccine pasta for this one.

And then you’ll also need some butter or coconut oil (I personally prefer the coconut oil, it adds a nicer flavor) some heavy cream, a whole ton of shrimp, and some Thai sweet chili sauce, ginger, garlic, and some nice hot and spicy sriracha sauce.

How much sriracha you put in will depend on how well you handle your spice – but I think this tastes much better with that real kick of heat. 

Creamy Cajun Shrimp Pasta With Tomatoes

Put the word cajun in front of any type of food and you’ve instantly piqued my interest. And wow, oh wow, does this pasta recipe meet all my expectations and then some.

It has that New Orleans/Louisiana feel to it, so if you like that kind of style you’ll definitely want to give this a go. 

You’ll want chopped and cherry tomatoes for this one, and a whole lot of cajun seasoning. It’s the ultimate summer meal, try eating outside with a nice cold glass of wine and relax. 

Tomato & Spinach Shrimp Pasta

For this pasta, we are going back to basics flavor-wise, but you know what they say. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is a really simple yet super tasty option.

The ingredients for this pasta recipe are penne pasta with medium-sized shrimp.

You’ll also need olive oil, spinach, minced garlic cloves, basil leaves, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and any other seasonings that you love. 

This one will take slightly longer than some of the others because the shrimp is best cooked on a semi-low heat and your pasta should be al dente.

Drizzle some olive oil over the pasta at the end for the perfect finishing touch. 

Shrimp Penne Pasta With A Herbed Cream Sauce

I love all pasta – every shape and every flavor combination. However, there is something about this herby creamy pasta that really sets it apart from other pasta dishes that I’ve tried.

And unbelievably, it can all be cooked within 20 minutes. Something that you would not assume from the taste, you’d think you’d have to slave away for hours to create something this delicious. 

This recipe includes some more unique ingredients but trust the process, I promise you it tastes great.

You’ll need clam juice, whipping cream, white wine, and a can of whole tomatoes. As well as penne pasta, shrimp, and garlic. 

Then, of course, you’ll want a sprinkling (or two, or three) of parmesan cheese. 

Creamy Mozzarella Shrimp Pasta

If you love a creamy and super cheesy dish, this is the one. Can you ever have too much mozzarella? I don’t think so.

There are some really yummy flavors in this dish that come from the basil, paprika, and sun-dried tomatoes but I think it’s the mozzarella creamy sauce that is the star of this show. 

You’ll want half-and-half as well as mozzarella to make the really creamy sauce. I always add a fair bit more cheese than the recipes state, but hey I’m just a cheese addict.

I’ll even grate a little more to sprinkle on top of the pasta too. Yum! 

Curried Shrimp Pasta

Fancy a pasta dish with an Indian twist? Give this scrumptious pasta recipe a go.

It’s relatively simple, just sprinkle some curry powder and cumin into some angel hair pasta and add your raw shrimp along with some sugar snap peas. 

This is a really unique dish that most guests won’t have tried before. So if you want to surprise and impress your guests this is a great choice. 

Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Shrimp Pasta

If you like rich flavors in a super creamy sauce then you’ve found the perfect recipe for you. I can’t get enough of this – it is the best of a really creamy pasta dish while still having really strong and tasty flavors. 

It’s a super quick option that only takes around 20 minutes to cook too. 

Calypso Shrimp Pasta

For this yummy dish, you’ll need Calypso broth, some linguine pasta, a few green onions, some diced tomatoes, shrimp, and some heavy cream.

For your broth, you’ll also want some garlic, seasoning, chicken broth, and clam juice. 

One-Pan Bacon And Shrimp Pasta

Last, but not least we have bacon and shrimp pasta. This dish is so tasty, the smokiness of the bacon with the shrimp and rich flavors in the sauce makes it super moreish.

When I make this recipe, I usually make a large batch so I can save some for later. Make just one portion at your own peril…and don’t say I didn’t warn you when you want more.

For this pasta, I’d use either tagliatelle or pappardelle. 

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, there is plenty of options if you have shrimp and pasta. Try these recipes out and let us know which one was your favorite! 

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