What to serve with Quiche – 10 Unmissable Sides

Quiche is one of those dishes that can be served all year round. It’s perfect for summer lunches and BBQs but equally as good in the winter with something more hearty.

Traditionally a French tart, quiche is made from a shortcrust base with fillings like egg, cheese, milk, veg and/or meat. Honestly, the possibilities with different types of quiche are endless, so get creative and start trying things out.

If you’re looking for tips to feed the family then all of these sides are affordable and can easily be knocked up with just a few ingredients.

The question is, what to serve with quiche? Do you go with total carbs or light salads? Below we’ve listed 10 unmissable dishes that will light up any meal.

what to serve with quiche

1. Light Salad

We’ve started light because often people don’t actually want to add much to their quiche. Depending on the size of the quiche, you might not need anything other than a light salad to add a bit of texture and crunch to your meal.

Our favourite thing to have with homemade quiche in the summer is a light salad with a light vinaigrette on top that can add a bit of kick to a creamy dish in the quiche.

Personally, we don’t add all the bells and whistles to our own salads, but you can add things like pepper, cucumber and spring onions so your salad has some added crunch and taste.

leafy salad

2. Mixed Greens

One of my favourite things to serve with quiche is a selection of mixed greens. For us, there’s nothing better than sugar snap peas, tenderstem broccoli and asparagus.

We like to fry these up using a mix of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, slightly charring them in a suitable pan or on the BBQ. The slightly charred taste and the crunch of the mixed greens is a perfect accompanying dish to quiche.

Equally, you could also look to roast a selection of greens together in a roasting tin, you can use a similar dressing, wrap the greens in foil and roast in the oven at (180c Fan) for 30 minutes to get a lovely roasted veg flavour. We like to open the foil up for the final 7-8 minutes, so you get that crisp, slightly charred edging to the veg!

mixed greens broccoli

3. Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Croutons

If you’re anything like us then matching some carbs with carbs is high on our list. Even better when you’re adding a creamy, cheesy mix on top!

Our roasted garlic and rosemary croutons are a fun accompanying dish to put with a quiche. All you need is some decent bread, preferably fresh, some garlic, rosemary (fresh or dried) and some good olive oil.

Break up the bread into bite-sized chunks like a small cracker, and rub two cloves of peeled garlic all over them until they disappear. Then cover the bread with a decent amount of olive oil and flip over to ensure that most of it have oil on.

The trick here is don’t put too much otherwise, you’ll just have oily croutons. Then sprinkle the rosemary around the croutons so each has a bit on and then pop in the oven for 8-10 minutes (180c Fan). Voila!

garlic croutons

4. Three Bean Salad

Really here, you can use almost any combination of beans to create a delicious and crunchy dish. This one has been a big favourite at family BBQs in the summer when we want to add a bit of colour to the table.

The key to a bean salad is the dressing and flavour you add to the mix. Without this, you’ll have a tasteless dish, so it’s important to get this right early on. We like to mix olive oil, mustard, red wine vinegar, chopped fresh garlic, salt and pepper.

Once you add this to the dish, give this a toss and turn and sprinkle with some fresh or dried herbs to add to the flavour depth. What a cracking dish this is!

bean salad dish

5. Jacket Potato

Nothing beats a good old jacket potato when you’re in need of a food hug. We save this one for the winter months when we just need warming through and a dose of carbs to see off the cold.

For us, nothing beats just a classic serve with some lightly salted butter and some fresh parsley. That being said, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you could also add a wide variety of toppings to compliment what’s already inside the quiche.

Recently we tried a baked bean-topped jacket potato with a cheese and ham quiche, and boy, was it good!

jacket potato salted

6. Fries

Fries really are one of those dishes that go with absolutely anything. I’ve yet to hear a dish where fries don’t work, so if you’re out of ideas, think about creating some homemade fries to go with your quiche.

All you need is some decent oil, lovely fresh garden potatoes, or even sweet potatoes if you’re feeling up for a change.

We always try to make our own fries as we like to add different seasoning for fries depending on our mood. Killer tip, try out jerk fries with your quiche. Unbelievable!

jerk fries

7. New Potatoes

The last one of the potato front is a classic new potato. This can be served hot or cold (once cooked) and is great to add to the mix in both the summer and winter months.

We like to cook ours with tons of butter and fresh herbs for a scintillating taste. You really can’t beat it.

If you’re putting something together for the BBQ you could boil up your new potatoes and make it into a classic potato salad. Delicious at any time!

new potatoes

8. Fresh Crusty Bread

The smell of fresh bread is probably my favourite in the world. Nothing beats it for me.

We recently made ourselves a crusty sourdough loaf to go with a vegetable quiche that we got from Whole Foods. My oh my, was it good.

We simply added a smear of lightly salted butter, which was a delicious experience with our quiche.

crusty sourdough bread

9. Hearty Soups

Baby, it’s cold outside! We love a hearty soup, and last winter, we tried a classic creamy tomato soup with a meaty quiche, and wow it was such a great meal.

That being said, you could also explore a range of soups and broths to go with your quiche. There really is an endless selection and equally, we loved dipping in the shortcrust to the soup for an added bit of topping. Yum!

A friend of ours was also over recently and was telling us about a lobster bisque and quiche combination. We’ve yet to try this but it sounds delicious. Updates on this soon.

hearty tomato soup

10. Couscous

Last but not least, couscous. Boy, do we love couscous!

Our favourite way to cook it up, is to char up some leftover veg that looked sad in the fridge and put it to use. Tonnes of lemon juice, add that hot water and season away. Honestly, it’s light, fluffy, and packed full of flavour. One that’ll turn heads at any dinner party.

Last summer, we combined our homemade couscous with the three bean salad at the family BBQ. Needless to say, we left them all purring. Even my mom was impressed! Ha!

summer couscous

Right, so there we have it. 10 unmissable dishes are guaranteed to get the party started regarding what to serve with quiche.

We hope you enjoyed this, say hi in the comments and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more unmissable recipes.

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