What To Serve With Salmon

Salmon has so many nutritional and health benefits when it’s consumed regularly, however, it can sometimes be difficult to work out what side dish to put it with. 

What To Serve With Salmon

We can often find ourselves making the same salmon with brown rice and veggies in a bid to make the healthiest meal, but it can end up being repetitive and tedious, especially if you are cooking for a family with children. 

If you’re looking for great ways to cook together as a family then this article is definitely for you.

In this article, we will look at some of the best side dishes to serve with salmon.

Farro Salad

Farro salad is a great option for a side dish that is both healthy and delicious.  Pairing this salad with salmon allows you to get really creative with your flavors. 

Farro is an ancient grain that is bursting with health benefits and nutrients.  It can also be substituted for quinoa and barley if you cannot find it in the grocery store.  

Farro salad is often made with shallots, apple cider vinegar, mustard, honey, parmesan, pecans, and arugula as a base. 

This provides a range of flavors and textures that can be built upon to create a versatile salad for any salmon dish. 

Moroccan Couscous

Moroccan couscous is a wonderfully warming side dish for salmon dishes that contain a similar flavor profile. 

The warm, north African spices and the sweetness of sultanas create a taste sensation that is also really healthy.  

The flavors from Morrocan couscous recipes provide a change from plain brown rice and in some ways it is more healthy and nutritious too, delivering over twice the amount of protein per cup. 

There are also many other types of couscous that you can make to add some healthy and tasty protein to your meals. 

Shaved Vegetable Salad

This salad provides a colorful and tasty addition to your salmon dish that is healthy and provides a crunch to your meal. 

It is great as a solitary side dish, or as an accompaniment to a carbohydrate-based side. 

Vegetables such as radishes, carrots, beets, fennel, and any other crunchy veggies that you can think of work great with this dish. 

Drizzle the shavings with a little bit of lemon juice or vinaigrette to complement the salmon perfectly. 

Parmesan Orzo

This parmesan orzo provides an all-rounder side dish that provides carbohydrates and vegetables if you wish to add them. 

Although it sounds like a labor-intensive side dish, it actually takes very little time and effort to make. 

The consistency and flavor of this dish are similar to that of risotto and make a comforting, warming winter meal. 

This side is heavier than some of the other options on this list and can help to make your salmon into a filling and satisfying meal without having to make multiple side dishes.

Cilantro Lime Grilled Corn

This side dish boasts Mexican-inspired flavors that would be a great accompaniment to multiple salmon dishes and marinades. 

Recipes for this side dish often include different types of peppers or chili to provide a little bit of a kick. 

The cilantro and lime give the corn a fresh taste that can really add to the flavors of the salmon that you have cooked. 

You can also add a lime yogurt drizzle and a sprinkle of paprika to this side dish to create more of a street food type of dish. 

This can be a great option if you are serving the salmon at a barbeque or other kinds of cookouts.  

Roasted Parmesan Rosemary Potatoes

What To Serve With Salmon

If you want to completely stray away from your typical salmon accompaniments of rice or grains, potatoes are also a great option. 

Instead of simply boiling baby potatoes and melting some butter over them, try roasting your potatoes instead.  

To add an extra layer of extravagance and flavor to your side dish add parmesan and rosemary to the potatoes before roasting them. 

The result will be a delicious side dish that is decadent and comforting.

Kale, Quinoa, And Avocado Salad 

Not only is this side dish super delicious and flavorful, but it is also packed with nutrients and superfoods to give you a healthy boost. 

You can even add an extra level of flavor and richness to this salad by crumbling some feta cheese over the top.  

Simply boil the quinoa and steam the kale, then mix them together with the avocado.  You can add cucumber, bell peppers, plum tomatoes, and red onion too. 

Drizzle the salad with a lemon and dijon vinaigrette to really lift the flavors and create a fresh accompaniment for your salmon. 

Sriracha Honey Brussels Sprouts 

To add some veggies to your salmon dish, try some sriracha honey brussels sprouts. 

Although this vegetable isn’t everyone’s favorite, even the most avid sprout avoider will be questioning their decision once they taste them cooked like this. 

The sriracha brings a fiery kick to the sprouts and the honey adds a little sweetness and makes them slightly sticky.  Overall, this recipe is a taste and texture extravaganza. 

Simply toss the sprouts in oil, pepper, and chili flakes and roast them in the oven. 

When they are cooked and slightly charred on the outside, mix them in with the honey and sriracha to create a sticky, sweet, hot side dish that takes your dinner to the next level. 

Asian Cucumber And Peanut Salad

This Asian salad provides a great tangy, acidic accompaniment to your salmon and is perfect for any salmon dish that is prepared with soy sauce or rice wine vinegar. 

The cucumber and peanut in this salad give your meal an extra crunch that complements the texture and flavor of the salmon.  

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of different options for interesting, healthy, and flavorful side dishes to accompany your salmon dish. 

There are also multiple different flavors and spices that you can use to add variety and excitement to your salmon-based meals.


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