Who Is Bea Perez? [Everything You Need To Know]

When it comes to people in power within the food and drink industry, there are few with more influence than Beatriz “Bea” Perez.

Who Is Bea Perez [Everything You Need To Know]

She is currently the Senior Vice President/Global Chief Communications for the Coca Cola Company, as well as being the Officer for Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships.

These are clearly some prestigious titles, and she has more than earned them, with a decorated and successful history at Coca Cola.

You will know that Coca Cola is one of the biggest drinks in the world, selling one of the most famous sugary drinks ever, so her work is extremely influential and impressive.

There is plenty to learn and admire about her work, and we’ve got it all here. 

In our profile below, we’ve got everything you need to know about Bea Perez, detailing her background as well as the impressive work that she does now. Read on!

The Career History Of Bea Perez

Bea Perez has been at Coca Cola for a very long time, which makes her prestigious positions even more impressive. She began working for the famous company in 1996, meaning that she has been there for well over two decades. 

Coca Cola, as you will surely know, is one of the most successful beverage companies in the world, and has been going strong since 1886.

They chiefly make carbonated soft drinks, the formula and creation of which have been a big secret for a very long time – a secret that is naturally in high demand!

Not even every employee is allowed to know the creation formula for the drink.

Instead, that knowledge is only shared by a few select anonymous employees, which just goes to show how valuable their cola is and how successful it is.

Their drinks have been so successful, in fact, that an entire type of soft drinks (colas) was named after them.

Many other companies have tried to replicate Coca Cola’s success with their own colas, but they haven’t been able to quite match it. 


When Bea Perez began working at Coca Cola she started in “Brand Management and Field Operations”.

She worked within this area for just over 13 years, where she increased the responsibility that was going on within marketing. 

Moving Up In Marketing

Perez clearly took well to marketing, because afterwards she was made Senior Vice President for Integrated Marketing.

This involved things on a much larger scale, with Perez putting a lot of significant work into bringing Coca Cola branding to life, while at the same time keeping up with the ever-changing marketing landscapes.

This resulted in Coca Cola partnering with many famous people and organizations, for example, The Oscars, Nascar, and even LeBron James – along with many, many other influential areas of media.

This success clearly impressed a lot of people, because her next role was as the Chief Marketing Officer for the company in North America.

This was in 2010, so technology was becoming a lot more advanced, with many more people using the internet and having smart phones.

This meant that marketing had to evolve with it, finding new ways to advertise the brand and the drink through the ever-advancing forms of information technology. 

Perez was involved in lots of different fronts for marketing, such as overseeing communicating with the consumers and working with interactive marketing.

She also focused on specific consumer bases, such as marketing towards the African American and Hispanic American consumer bases in North America. 

To top it all off, she even worked towards marketing recruitment at universities, so that the Coca Cola company was constantly ahead of the game and ready to hire the youngest and brightest new future stars.

Some of her notable successes under this Chief Marketing Officer position, which she held for over a year, included launching Coca Cola as the official drink of NASCAR racing – a big brand – and partnering with the International Speedway Corporation.

To achieve big things like this for the Coca Cola brand in just over a year is impressive. 

Working For Sustainability At Coca Cola

After her 15 years in marketing, Bea Perez moved into a position as Chief Sustainability Officer – and it’s been this area where she’s excelled ever since. 

Sustainability is an incredibly important cause that all businesses should aim for, because it’s all to do with making sure that the environment of the earth is protected and that humans will be able to safely inhabit for a long time into the future.

A lot of natural resources have been depleted on our planet, and sustainability is all about trying to cut down on that and instead keep an ecological balance.  

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Within her first sustainability rule, Perez helped to create an integrated global sustainability strategy for Coca Cola.

She created a system that was focused and collaborative, and prioritized overall well being of people and the planet. 

On top of that, she also prioritized women’s economic empowerment, goals for climate protection, agricultural initiatives, and more. It’s a noble position that drives towards real change. 

Perez kept this role for over five years, while graduating into other roles to do with global partnerships and licensing. While continuing her work for sustainability, she also led efforts related with marketing assets in a variety of industries: entertainment, music, and sports.

After that, the role titles changed to “Senior Vice President and Chief Communications” as well as “Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships Officer” – but the work is still similar and essential.

She still strives for sustainability within Coca Cola, and continues to influence marketing, in a sense, through her communications role and its focus on company vision. 

Final Thoughts

Bea Perez has held a lot of incredibly influential positions within the Coca Cola Company, and her work towards sustainability has been helpful to our planet.

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